3 ssd - how to allocate space

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2016/07/27 23:44:08 (permalink)

3 ssd - how to allocate space

Just built a new pc today. I will fill in details of the setup when I have more time, but wanted to get this question out before I start populating the ssd's. 
(1) samsung evo 250 - OS and programs
(2) samsung evo 500 - samples
(3) samsung evo 500 - audio projects
My question is how do you separate out in Sonar, for instance, the program components vs sample content and projects? And for vsti's that that are sample based like Kontact instruments, should I be putting all of Maverick on the samples disk or should the program parts be on the (1) drive. Same question for AD2.  For non-sample based like Lounge Lizard, should that just go on drive (1) or should all soft synths and effects plugs go on sample disc anyway? I have tried to do this before on my old system but over time things have become almost hopelessy jumbled and have created problems esp w Kontact which does not seem to like its directories being moved around.
Similar question. Seems many vst want to create their own plugin folder. I would prefer to keep all plugins in one folder for 64 and one for 32. Is this practical or just asking for trouble?

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    Re: 3 ssd - how to allocate space 2016/07/30 21:58:00 (permalink)
    I've done a fresh system install recently and experimented with the Cakewalk Command Center path setting.
    You will need to install (edit) setup the path before downloading any software / content.
    - 32 / 64 bits Vst path
    (I leave this to default C:)  I've tried to set it to another drive (D:), but there may be one or two installation that did not follow this setting, can't recall exactly which one (Rapture, Dim Pro..). At the end I leave this to default C:
    - Download and Content path
    I've set it as D: (using the same path name) and it seems to work fine. After the full automated installation, I did find there is a duplicate copy being installed at C: but I can't recall if it's because of an earlier installation - I've done so many full automated installation via CCC to test it that I've lost track. It's the content of the Sound Center, I think. I simply remove it manually.
    For other none Cakewalk software, during installation I will specify the drive/path for VST and content manually - so this is not an issue.
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    Re: 3 ssd - how to allocate space 2016/07/31 22:58:59 (permalink)
    That would also depend on if this system is used for other things.  On every rompler I put on other drives.

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    Re: 3 ssd - how to allocate space 2016/08/02 21:43:25 (permalink)
    This system is going to be pretty much exclusive to Splat, Komplete and Maschine, etc.. I tried to work with CCC but ended up just downloading everything  Sonar except Cakewalk Content onto C drive. Managed to get all my other sample libs onto D drive  and all audio projects onto E drive. I guess I could go back and move the other Cake samples onto D but not sure it is worth it. I moved NI libs and vsts around on my old computer and it turned into a nightmare.
    One weird thing that popped up is that my OS drive which is 250 gB says it has 170 gB used when I highlight the drive and check properties. But if I select all of the folders on the drive (hidden folders included) it comes up with 140gB. Not sure what the missing 30gB is related to.
    A lot of that 170 or 140 is related to the Disk Image Files from downloading Komplete 10. I had checked the box in Service Center to delete after download but I guess it did not. I assume it is OK to just delete all of those folders??
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    Re: 3 ssd - how to allocate space 2016/08/02 23:00:48 (permalink)
    You can move or delete the Komplete download files.
    I keep only Windows, Applications, AppData, and ProgramData on my C: drive, which is a 110 GB SSD.  This leaves that drive with 45 GB of space, which is fine by me.
    I adjusted the Path in Command Center to download to a 2 TB drive, and on that drive I have all Cakewalk Content (and Command Center Downloads), as well as relocated user libraries (Documents, Downloads, Pictures, etc.).  Cakewalk Projects are also kept on this drive.
    I then have 2 additional 2 TB drives, that split sample libraries with Kontakt libraries on 1, and the full download of the East West Composer Cloud content on the 2nd.  Each of those drives is about half full as well.
    Rounding it up, I have a 6 TB external USB 3.0 backup drive.
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