4K 43in TV for main monitor

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2018/02/09 07:15:14 (permalink)

4K 43in TV for main monitor

I thought I would share my experience with this, as there is not too much info that I could find that confirmed what I was trying to do would work.
First up, I have no graphics card. A very basic MB, but which is capable of 4k graphics, and has 3 monitor support for DVI, VGA and HDMI. My CPU is a now an older gen I7 and I run 16gb of ram, plus SSD's for OS and main programs, plus data files for projects etc. All sample material is on HDD's.
We put new 43in 4k Dell monitors in at work and I was hooked. Pricey however at around 2k AUD, but they are awesome. I researched as much as possible and took a gamble on a Jaeger 43in LED/LCD 4K TV which I got from Catch on a daily deal for 400AUD delivered.
Out of the box, it didn't work, but it turned out my MB's HDMI output just plain doesn't work ? Nothing I could find would make it work. Don't know what the go was there, but a quick trip to a local electronics store for a DVI/HDMI adaptor, and it was up and running, in full UHD mode, and just crystal clear. The GUI in SONAR looks incredible, and the space for tracks etc on a 43in screen, just as incredible. I kept one 27in monitor pushed to one side for file transfers, documents for lyrics etc.
But it worked. And it's brilliant. The only issue (for me) is the windows based title drop down menu's. Very feint, small font, and hard to read. A play with contrast settings in the control panel had things perfect. You can't change the font size (I believe some third party apps will do this), but you can change the colour and opacity. Also, for a 43inc screen, the desktop icons are a bit small at 4k resolution, but you can up their size from right clicking on the desktop/view.
So, all good  - almost....   With the contrast settings set to a theme, to make them visible, obviously pushes my system, without a GPU, too far, and the mouse and controls became dodgy when loading up plugs like OZONE 8. So I currently have contract settings back to basic (normal) and everything works fine, except I have trouble reading the drop down title menu's.
I've ordered a 100AUD graphics card, an ASUS GT 1030 which is PCI-e 3.0 and HDMI 2.0, which suits my MB and the new TV's inputs. So hoping this will fix the overworked graphics issue, and SONAR will live happily with the NVIDIA drivers for the card, which has been a major issue for me in the past.
Just my experience for others to read about. I know there are people on here that know much more than me about this stuff. But for others considering doing this relatively cheap upgrade, go for it. The 4k screen is wonderful with SONAR.
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    Re: 4K 43in TV for main monitor 2018/02/09 12:58:48 (permalink)
    I've been using a 43" 4K for quite a while now.  It is wonderful.
    My VIZIO was ~$400US

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    Re: 4K 43in TV for main monitor 2018/02/09 20:31:11 (permalink)
    I've been using a 50"LG 4K and love it! You made the right call in ordering that 1030: you need HDMI 2.0 to do 4k at 60Hz; hopefully you can run 4:4:4 color space too!

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    Re: 4K 43in TV for main monitor 2018/02/11 23:24:13 (permalink)
    I have been running 4k TVs as my monitor at work for over a year now and think it is great. I bought one for home about 4 months ago for like $325 us.  works great and I love the real-estate I get from it. The only issue I have is that when playing back and the track view scrolls I get a small tick in the audio playback.  Must be the system/Sonar having to update 4x the number of pixels on the screen.

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