A Fun Exercise

Jesse Screed
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2017/10/25 22:02:56 (permalink)

A Fun Exercise

1. Create a nice little chord progression on a guitar, or a keyboard, and record it.
2. Take a guitar, and tune all strings one whole step down.
3. Jam along with the progression: you will need to mentally transpose chord forms and scales.
4. Get another guitar, if you are lucky enough to have one,(I use my acoustic.)  Close your eyes, and tune the strings to an open chord, use your imagination.
5. Jam along with the previous progression.  It will make you try new fingerings and chord shapes.
6. I know...DOH....you guys already do that.
7. Try it again.

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    Re: A Fun Exercise 2017/10/26 04:58:08 (permalink)
    You can't tune a guitar, but you can tuna fish.

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    Re: A Fun Exercise 2017/10/26 12:44:48 (permalink)
    I tried something similar for a recent project.
    I had the drum/bass/ std guitar chords down, and then tried my OpenG guitar on top of those recordings.  It came out with some interesting ideas that really added to the songs, just getting out of my comfort zone.

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    Re: A Fun Exercise 2017/11/06 04:39:29 (permalink)
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    Re: A Fun Exercise 2017/11/06 17:36:35 (permalink)
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