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2018/11/21 10:04:48 (permalink)

Amplitube 4.8 Update

In your user area.  Coincides with release of
the Dime Bag Darrell Collection
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Re: Amplitube 4.8 Update 2018/11/21 18:19:10 (permalink)
Thanks for the heads-up Larry.


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Re: Amplitube 4.8 Update 2018/12/06 02:49:37 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby ZincTrumpet 2018/12/07 07:54:54
I just updated it.

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Re: Amplitube 4.8 Update 2018/12/07 02:29:56 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby ZincTrumpet 2018/12/07 07:54:48
Thanks Lars. And still, ewe Dumb Ann!

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Re: Amplitube 4.8 Update 2018/12/07 22:33:55 (permalink)
For those interested, Ola Englund has done a video for it:

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Re: Amplitube 4.8 Update 2018/12/08 01:18:38 (permalink)
Was all excited about this, new models included.
Installed the update and found that what was included was the new models for sale, just another frustrating grayed out section of devices and presets that throw up error messages that you have to buy something to get them to work.
Forgive me if I am not doing something right or not getting the bigger picture. Would not be the first time.
Would add a feature request to get rid of all the prompts and dead presets that are only there as bait to buy something else. At least filter them out so the software is not a maze of advertisements. Just let me see and focus on what I paid for. Too much dead clutter otherwise that will not bring in another penny to IK and only causes greater frustration to your end point customer.
Not to play down the incredible power and the sounds offered in Amplitube. Great software and I appreciate the effort every time I fire it up.
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Re: Amplitube 4.8 Update 2018/12/09 01:29:54 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby RSMCGUITAR 2018/12/09 06:45:24
Guys and IK,
Sorry to have vented my frustrations, and some may welcome the spread out model of missing amps, effects. This perhaps as a chance to see what is missing and what to purchase going forward.
IK products are incredible. Never moved past versions 3 of anything synth related, but have about everything ver 2 they made. Powerful in 32 bit and as relevant to day as when they were released.
Amplitube 2 was a mind blower when it rolled off the shelf, and still a classic with the few stomps available.
My problem only my problem with the current status is what you previously saw is what you got, what you paid for. Worked within a solid framework of models and presets you laid down the yankee green for. Initial versions of Amp 3 were the same as I remember.
Later versions and "updates" seem to have become less of a focus on your purchase than shift to a marketing tool. Yes, there are a thousand presets, but what is the use if you always get the preset error message that the preset contains things you have not purchased. Go open up the credit card and you can use the preset.
Too old school here. Same thing with DVD purchases. When the motif first came into vogue of selling DVD movies, it was absolute taboo to make you go thru trailers and adds if you bought a movie. Quickly changed if you can go thru all the crap to get to the movie any more.
IK is cool, just give me a break and filter out all the crap getting in the way. Give us a filter to block out all the advertising garbage. I'm sure everyone will buy new things as the inspiration moves.
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