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2006/03/25 01:36:09 (permalink)

Attn: hard-core sfz-geeks…

Did anyone notice that trapping F5 in Rapture reloads the Multisample for the active Element?! I mean, wow, WOW! That's gonna save several hours over a lifetime in manually locating and reloading an .sfz file: just CTRL ‘S’ in your txt ed (Notepad, or something, I suppose…) ALT + TAB to Rapture and hit F5! Bang. Your changes are now loaded. C'mon, that's less moves for sure…

(Yeah, I know, you were expecting an sfz that explained how to randomly retune the natural minor scale according to aftertouch without Scala… Trust me, this F5 business with grow on ya!)

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    RE: Attn: hard-core sfz-geeks… 2006/03/27 19:30:58 (permalink)
    Cool one, Dale. I like to edit directly from right-clicking in the Multisample loading dialog, so an F5 refresh matches up well with that. I guess that all of those 'minor enhancements' that we all heard about are starting to be uncovered. They might not make the press release, but it doesn't mean that they're not extremely useful enhancements to the workflow.

    I like the little 'widget' functions. The LFO display actions were always handy and descriptive, but that's been extended. Now the Pitch Keytrack reflects the actual loaded Scala file. Yoiu know when you've screwed something up; it doesn't move. And the Multisample display: not only a mini-.wav editor display, but left-and right-clicking scrolls through all of your saved options. Very cool.
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