Bank/Patch events disappear from event list

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2018/10/09 02:26:22 (permalink)

Bank/Patch events disappear from event list

I have SONAR X3 Studio and I never use the Bank/Patch dropdowns in track view because SysxData events have to happen first to change the mode on my synth. Once the mode is set, I use insert a Bank/Patch Change and all is good. I do all of this in a Cakewak Project (cwp) file. But as soon as I save the file as an MID and re-load it into X3, the patch that I explicitly added *AFTER* the sysex command no longer appears in the event list and instead appears in the Bank/Patch dropdown. And since the bank/patch in the dropdown gets executed before my mode sysex change, my patches are not set properly.
Eons ago, some kind soul from Cakewalk or one of the forums, showed me a config file setting to force MID files to not convert the patch change event into a track setting. This is going to drive me crazy if I have to edit the original CWP file every time I want to make a change to the MID file.  I think it also converts SysxData events in to useless Sysx Banks too.
Any help is much appreciated!

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    Re: Bank/Patch events disappear from event list 2018/10/09 08:32:54 (permalink)
    I tried this in Cakewalk by Bandlab but it should also work in SONAR X3 Studio.

    In the [Options] section of your TTSSEQ.INI file add the following line.  This prevents the first Patch/Bank event contained in a MIDI file from being moved to the track properties when you open the file.

    GeneralMidiSMFs = 0

    As I have Cakewalk By Bandlab, I am not sure where this file is for SONAR X3 Studio. 

    I am thinking somewhere here somewhere (or something like that):

    %APPDATA%\cakewalk\SONAR X3 STUDIO

    Note: You really should consider moving to Cakewalk by Bandlab.  It free and light years ahead of SONAR X3 Studio

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