Best Tablet for gigging for lyrics

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2014/06/08 08:42:29 (permalink)

Best Tablet for gigging for lyrics

I currently use a musicpad made by freehand. It gets the job done but it really sucks. I want to replace it with a tablet with a foot pedal to scroll and change songs. I'm not a big apple fan and an Ipad is a bit small anyway. I think 11 to 12" would be a good size. I would consider Ipad if larger. I need...
  - good screen for outside gigs
  - 11 to 12" (10" if extremely crisp)
  - foot pedal
  - probably scan paper lyrics with chords to pdf. (some file type that's non-proprietary like the musicpad) 
  - attachable to mic stand if possible
So any opinions on which brands have the most efficient usability for this

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    Re: Best Tablet for gigging for lyrics 2014/06/08 13:12:59 (permalink)  
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    24 And he turned back, and looked on them, and cursed them in the name of the Lord. And there came forth two she bears out of the wood, and tare forty and two children of them.
    Jim Roseberry
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    Re: Best Tablet for gigging for lyrics 2014/06/09 15:26:57 (permalink)
    I'll state up front that I'm not an Apple person.
    I despise having to use iTunes.
    That said, I've been using an iPAD with OnSong (routed thru HDMI to an external monitor) controlled with the iRig Blue Board.  This setup is absolutely perfect.  iPAD mounts to the mic stand
    OnSong makes arranging set-lists and displaying lyrics super easy.
    If you have your iPAD setup to receive your Email, you can email doc or pdf files to yourself... open with the iPAD and import that file into OnSong.  Once in OnSong, you convert to it's own text file format.
    It's a lot harder to type this description than to actually import song lyrics.  A few screen taps... and it's done...
    Songs can be quickly added/removed from set-lists... and it's easy to re-order songs within a set-list.
    Lyrics are displayed on the external monitor (other guys in the band can see them and you can move around stage) so screen size isn't a problem.
    The Blue Board has four foot-switch buttons:
    In my case, buttons 1 and 2 switch lyric pages backward and forward... and buttons 3 and 4 move to previous or next song.  
    It's also quick/easy to jump between songs... if you want to call out tunes on-the-fly.
    I bought this iPAD specifically for using OnSong... and have zero regrets.
    It makes prepping, rehearsing, and gigging a lot easier.

    Best Regards,

    Jim Roseberry
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    Re: Best Tablet for gigging for lyrics 2014/06/10 15:47:35 (permalink)
    Another very easy and handy app is forScore.  It is built around using PDFs for easy import/transfer and has a great feature set.
    Skarda - I too have been wanting  a larger tablet.  Really, a dual purpose tablet/convertible laptop for work, live performance and mobile recording.  I'm intrigued by the new MS Surface 3 but haven't seen one up close yet and am waiting for the jury to report.
      EDIT: will definitely look into OnSong - thanks Jim! 
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    Re: Best Tablet for gigging for lyrics 2014/06/11 21:17:44 (permalink)
    Onsong is great , I use the airturn pedal .

    David F

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    Re: Best Tablet for gigging for lyrics 2014/06/12 08:05:08 (permalink)
    Thanks for the opinions. Looks like I may have to be looking at the ipad then.
    Cactus Music
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    Re: Best Tablet for gigging for lyrics 2014/06/14 01:43:18 (permalink)
    Thanks a million for that Jim. I was 2" away from buying a Android or MS tablet the other day for just this purpose, lyrics. I too will re think my hate for all things Apple. 
    Right now I use a corner of my 15" laptops screen and Note Pad.The rest is displaying Win Amp and my Playlist. It's been working fine as I normally don't need lyrics. But as the times between gigs grows longer, my over 60 memory is going to start to forget some of my songs verse by verse. 
    I have never used a book. I refuse, it always looked like you where an amateur to me if you have a music stand at a paid gig. But a digital song book would not be as embarrassing being small.  Ideally my laptop would be all I need but I'd like to try and keep it hands free. 
    What I want is a way to scroll through the song lyrics the same way I do with my X keys foot switch and Win Amp  for my backing tracks. The issue is, my foot controller has to have focus on the software,, the minute you change focus to Note Pad you loose control of Win Amp.  
    Back in 1986 we used Atari Computers to play our midi sequences using various sound modules. We used software written by a kid from our home town. Jeff Koftinoff.   Jeff later on worked for Roland. If you ever owned an MT 32 he was on the team and wrote the editor for it. 
    I asked Jeff to program a foot control option and he used the Joystick port and we made our own using standard push buttons ( heavy duty doorbells) and a Radio Shack metal project box. Up/Down/ Start/Stop/ AND PANIC ( remember stuck notes! ) 
    So I had foot control at my very first gigs. He also set the software to display TXT files if the name was the same as the MID file.   So back then all you did was step on the play button and the song would play and the lyrics displayed on the screen. Pray the power stayed on.  
    I have been dreaming of software that did this same thing but with Wave or MP3 instead of MIDI. Win Amp is the closest I have found. 
    My Wish list: 
    Foot control of Playback - Start/Stop/Up/Down/   = X Keys ( up is missing ) 
    Automatic lyric display ( Win Amp can do this with Karaoke files but I can't get it to work) 
    Stop after playback - manual playlist advance
    Drag and drop playlist
    The other thing would be midi control of EFX parameters. So I can see why people would complicate life and use a DAW which will play both MIDI and Audio but that scares the heck out of me. DAW's are not designed with live performance in mind.  But if someone ever wrote software that was made JUST for live performance I think there is still a market. 

    Johnny V  
    Focusrite 6i61st - Tascam us1641. 
    3 Desktops and 3 Laptops W7 and W10
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    Re: Best Tablet for gigging for lyrics 2014/06/15 16:00:29 (permalink)
    You could also get something like an ASUS Transformer Book T100 2 in 1 and have the flexibility of a full
    Windows machine. I know it has a Atom processor, but for just play lists it would do. Right now only $349 at
    microsoft store


    Chicagoland, IL 

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