Better search for sound effect libraries!

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2016/07/19 15:27:10 (permalink)

Better search for sound effect libraries!

I'm a sound designer/composer and I've been a long time user of Sonar and recently upgraded to lifetime updates. Good times! It's a great program and I love it.
It'd be a great feature if the search within Sonar Platinum could handle metadata to be able to quickly search in a library with subfolders of thousands of sound effects. For example, in Soundminer, if you do a search for "dog" you get every sound effect that has "dog" in the metadata/description, not just the ones with "dog" in the filename.
If you guys did this, Sonar would become the DAW of choice for sound designers world wide.
Thanks for reading! 

Cory Hawthorne
Singer, songwriter, guitar slinger, composer, sound designer.

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    Re: Better search for sound effect libraries! 2016/07/21 06:24:01 (permalink)
    Not sure if the amount of effort to include metadata and data mining functions would be efficient use of Sonar Development.  If you already own SoundMiner (any version) you have a robust librarian solution at your finger tips that has functions which can easily let you scrub sounds, preview, manipulate and then "inject" a sound or batch of sounds into an open DAW.  I know it was pretty well integrated with Pro Tools back when I was using it for feature films, but I can't speak to how easily it can "send to Sonar" if it does at all.
    I can see starting small.  Being able to embed and manage meta-data for clips in a project - especially since they've made it super easy to drag from the timeline into the browser and quickly save out things like midi files, wave files (acidized or not).
    Most sound designers I know have no problem using other daws that lack sound-mining functionality but I can imagine if any DAW were eager to start integrating features sound designers would want, I for one would be concerned with making sure that file exporting (getting stuff out of a working session and into a "vault") is accessible and intuitive.
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