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Cakewalk Products Handbook

Greetings Friends!
Welcome to the Cakewalk Products forums. These forums are meant for Cakewalk users to discuss basically anything and everything related to Cakewalk products, from how to use a feature, how to troubleshoot a problem or even just to share a success story or how Cakewalk products make you feel.  
What are the rules?
Glad you asked. We have a Code of Conduct that we ask everyone to follow. Please read this. By participating in the Cakewalk forums you are agreeing to follow our Code of Conduct.
Where should I post my topic?
We recommend starting a conversation about a Cakewalk product in the appropriate sub-forum for it. This is the fastest way to get product-specific help or feedback. If you are not sure where to post your topic, the product-specific forum is the best place to start. We do have two additional suggestions however:
  1. Features & Ideas - If you have a Feature or Idea you'd like to see implemented, post it instead in our Features & Ideas forum. 
  2. Problem Reports - If you have discovered an undesirable behavior that is affecting your workflow please post it in the Problem Reports forum.
How should I ask my question or voice my comment/concern?
Follow these pro tips to help ensure that your question/comment/concern gets help from the community.
1. Be descriptive!
The exact version of the Cakewalk software (found under Help > About SONAR) or model of hardware you are using is really helpful. 
Do: "SONAR X3 Producer (X3e build 352) - x64"
Don't: "SONAR"
Your computer and hardware specifications such as CPU, GPU, RAM, Operating System, Audio/MIDI Interface and external peripherals are important pieces of information to know when troubleshooting.
Do: "Intel i7-5960X, 8GB Ram, Windows 8.1, MOTU 828mkIII, Awesome mouse and keyboards"
Don't: "Laptop"
Any additional software you may be using (third-party plug-ins, hosts, etc.)
Do: "Native Instruments Kontakt, WaveArts PowerSuite"
Don't: "A buncha plugins I downloaded from the interwebz" 
You should consider putting this information in your signature, editable from the User Control Panel, so that you do not need to repeat this information often.
2. Provide details!
The more details you can provide about the problem you are trying to solve or question you want answered you can provide, the better. Think about and be prepared to describe:
  • The steps you are taking
  • What you are expecting to happen
  • What is actually happening
3. Be patient!
What may seem obvious to you, might not be to someone else. Be prepared to answer follow-up questions from community members who are trying to assist. Not everyone is a native English speaker and not everyone may know the way you are intending to use your software or hardware. Being descriptive, polite, and patient will help other members assist more easily. Also, don't forget to say "Thank You"  or to give someone a "Thumbs Up" if their post was helpful for you.
Where can I find additional help?
In addition to this community we also recommend checking out the variety of Cakewalk provided resources below as well:
Thank you everyone for their involvement with the Cakewalk community, and for all of your continued support.
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