Can I Recording Auto Stop?

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2009/09/21 11:03:32 (permalink)

Can I Recording Auto Stop?

This seems so fundamental, that I MUST be missing something.

I want to record some drum samples from my synth.  So the project has 2 tracks 1 midi (to send to the synth) and 1 audio (to record the synth sound).  I went into the midi track via piano roll and inserted notes for the voice I want, and adjusted their velocity to give several levels to the sample I want to create.  Play it back - works fine.  Total length is 2 measures.  When I play it, it ends after two measures (even after I arm the audio track).
Now I want to record the sound, but when I press record it no longer stops after 2 measures!

I suppose this is a feature to catch "effect tails" or something...

I've gone through the menu/options, and did a quick search here and in the help file. 




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    Re:Can I Recording Auto Stop? 2009/09/21 12:14:10 (permalink)
    You could just press stop or the space bar.

    I think the reason behind this is because say you were recording and one of the tracks was only 4 measures long.
    You would have your guitar on and all ready to go when all of a sudden the recording stops.
    Recording will go on as long as you let it. It doesn't know that you want it to end there. What if you wanted to record something that was longer than the existing tracks?


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