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Re: Chord Track for Sonar Platinum 2016/04/26 19:54:13 (permalink)
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I dont want this. I dont need no chord progression suggestions. you might as well just ask for a macro to write your songs ...
I know people will get offended at this but please dont. I'm all in for arranger options and ways to try your ideas faster, but a chord track is not enough for that  - create yourself a bunch of MIDI clips labeled after the chords plus inversion, save them to the browser, and drag them in as needed and it will do most of what you ask for. will it make the song writing any easier? probably not. spending an hour at the piano will do, though ...

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Re: Chord Track for Sonar Platinum 2016/04/27 02:04:50 (permalink)
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I vote for this. Coz I would love to have the visual representation of chords in the timeline. I don't like using markers for this purpose. using dummy clips takes time.
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Re: Chord Track for Sonar Platinum 2016/05/17 11:27:35 (permalink)
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Please develope ASAP a "chord track"!!!!

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Chorder 2016/07/16 19:14:57 (permalink)
I would like to see a chord track similar or different to the one in Cubase or Studio One , developed for Sonar Platinum! This is a great feature for limited keyboard players, and other musicians who play other instruments, such as guitar, bass, string instruments, etc.
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Re: Chord Track for Sonar Platinum 2016/07/21 06:49:19 (permalink)
In general, the midi tools could use some updating and I'm thinking if this feature gets any attention it might be folded in under the Midi tools section.  Midi functionality does a number of things including having Lyrics and Score / Notation views work properly.  I'd also love to see some of the other goodies that Cubase has had (and possibly even extended by Lemur if you've seen any of the JunkieXL tutorials on Tom's workflow behind Mad Max).
Particularly his Drum production techniques and messing with note timing "humanization"
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Re: Chord Track for Sonar Platinum 2016/07/22 21:30:23 (permalink)
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I am pretty ambivalent..
Its easy enough to put markers in for chords, and its easy enough to do a search for suitable chord progressions... and even easier to spend some time understanding and working inversions.
So the issue i have with a chord track, is that it needs to be really, really good, and highly flexible and also customizable for it to useful at all.. then the reality is that it still wont be enough because folk will want automatic arrangements, then auto accompaniment, then a better or easier interface ..
by example.. checkout NI & Maschine.. NI put chord mode into the sequencer.. and it sucks ass. a total waste of development effort and it provides marginal to zero use to the users. why?.. no inversions, no ability to create custom chord maps.
The bottom line is that if you want chords, progressions, arrangements, auto accompaniment or whatever, there are already solutions out there for you to go get.  
I just think there has to be a huge list of more important things for CW to work on.. Things that only CW can fix and improve .. rather than duplicating something that is already available.

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Add a Chord Track 2016/09/03 22:10:28 (permalink)
I broke down and bought Cubase 8 about a year ago for their chord track. I love the chord track. And that is it. I have never worked with a worse DAW in my life. Usually my DAW problems are caused because I have a computer that won't support it. I finally have a good computer. Sonar works. ProTools works. Not Cubase. I have tried multiple DAWs. They are all fairly similar. Except Cubase. But this is not a place to complain about how annoying Cubase is to work with. This is the place to ask for new features. Please. A Chord Track. So I can dump Cubase.

Thank you.

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Re: Chord Track for Sonar Platinum 2016/11/21 05:08:42 (permalink)
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I want Sonar to equip the chord track, but not like Cubase.
I want only chord text space.
I am using Marker instead of chord track, and that is very very useful to recognize where am I playing, and what note I should play.
But, Marker is a little tiresome to type chord name, and copy and paste.
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