Clip Grouping (Respective copy and paste assignments) Request

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Clip Grouping (Respective copy and paste assignments) Request

Sonar's Clip Grouping functions are a wonderful thing for keeping multi-track elements in-line with each other when manipulating things on the timeline, but lately I've been doing a TON of custom sample library editing and design work which means breaking out of my recording projects into discrete subject projects, moving things around on the timeline and making copies of things on the timeline (a LOT).
Currently (and as far back as I can remember) If there are clips in clip-groups, when you copy and paste, cut and paste, or use either cut or copy special commands under Edit, the newly pasted clips on the timeline ignore the clips' respective clip grouping assignments and ALL of the pasted clips that were assigned clip-groups now all share a new, single clip-group.
Before - all clips grouped in previous editing session and basic edits applied.

Project break-out from the master recording session, I end up using Cut special commands to move everything including markers to beginning of the timeline.

Pasted clips now ALL have the same clip group assignment.  I now have to remove them all and spend an extra 10-15 minutes re-assigning groups to finish editorial work and begin processing.

If there was a way to make it so that the copy and cut / paste functions include the meta-information about clip-group assignments - at least so that each "instance" always assigns a new group number but respects the grouping assignments, if not the original group numbers (when cutting for example);  it would certainly speed up workflows considerably!

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