DSF Symphonic Strings - Buyer beware!

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2016/08/02 19:17:02 (permalink)

DSF Symphonic Strings - Buyer beware!

First, the summation: DO NOT waste your money on the DSF Symphonic Strings sample library (for Dim Pro and Rap Pro) available in the Cakewalk store.
Now for the why ...
I recently bought/downloaded that library, and while most sounds are good and different from others I have, there is an entire section of several samples with celli that are disturbingly out of tune on certain notes (B3 & C4; B4 & C5; B5 & C6, and a few other notes here and there). It's like they couldn't get enough polished musicians to fill out their ensembles for recording so they got some kids from the local junior high school orchestra to sit in - the dissonance is that obvious. How they missed it and let this thing go is beyond me.
The description goes on and on about the wonderful acoustics of the church in which these samples were recorded (I can attest - the acoustics are VERY nice in this library) and the microphones used, but doesn't say anything about the musicians. Hence my suspicions about the junior high school fill-ins. Where there are no sour notes, the samples do sound rich. But to let a sample library be sold with out of tune notes is highly unprofessional. Worse, there are a few pizzicato samples that won't even load correctly, and Dimension Pro cannot find the library at all. It only loads from Rapture Pro, but of course those problem patches won't load correctly.
I had been considering the upgrade to Miroslav 2, since I have the original Miroslav library, but even with the lowered cost of the upgrade, I wasn't sure I NEEDED a 300-dollar strings library, which is why I opted instead for the 75-dollar DSF library. And of course I already have the Rapture Pro engine to drive it, so it seemed a good compromise. There aren't a lot of samples when compared to plug ins like Miroslav or Vienna Strings, but there is an adequate number for the price. Most sound very nice in that acoustic chamber, if you can live with having 7 or 8 patches that are unusable. And of course the editing functions are limited compared with those other libraries. My bottom line is that it's not worth the cost, even at only 75-dollars, for the few good sounds you get. I use celli a lot in my compositions - they are one of the most important sounds in many things I've recorded. So when a sizeable chunk of those very sounds is unusable in this library, it's extremely frustrating.

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    Re: DSF Symphonic Strings - Buyer beware! 2016/08/16 03:52:58 (permalink)
    Yea, bought the entire DSF library a few years ago. Mostly very average, with some real disappointments thrown in for good measure. I could not believe how many sounds would not load - even after contacting DSF and getting the samples sent to me. As for the tuning... well.
    The world instruments and MoPhat are pretty good though.

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