Dim Pro - Release function

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2009/11/28 08:16:23 (permalink)

Dim Pro - Release function


I have a short question. If i play a sample in dim pro, i want to change the release value so that it plays longer after i stopped pressing a key. How can i achieve that?



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    Re:Dim Pro - Release function 2009/11/28 16:39:31 (permalink)
    Click the "Amp" button in Dim Pro (lower right) and modify the nodes and curves in that lower area.  This is DimPro's bigtime extension of the old ADSR envelope idea.
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    Re:Dim Pro - Release function 2009/11/28 18:09:58 (permalink)
    hint, click on the envelope line, hover over the node and press "S" for sustain point.

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