Dim Pro latency

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2006/03/18 02:24:00 (permalink)

Dim Pro latency

Please forgive me as maybe I'm too much of newbie to own DP and maybe even using the wrong term for my problem.

When I establish an Instrument in DP via Sonar5 or Project 5 and try to play that sound from my keyboard, there is a significant delay between striking the key and the sounding of the note from DP.

I run xp pro on 2MZ machine with 512 ram and USB2.0 and SB Audigy2 soundcard.

The sounds are great if only they would coincide with the playing of the keyboard. Any help - greatly appreciated.

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    RE: Dim Pro latency 2006/03/18 03:57:59 (permalink)
    You will need to adjust your soundcard buffer size. What recording program are you using (i.e. SONAR, Project5 etc)?
    With your PC spec, you should be able to easily get the latency to 10ms, which is OK for playing most keyboard sounds. 20ms can be playable, but anything more than that is unusable.

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