Dimension...Missing Something

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2006/11/24 19:22:24 (permalink)

Dimension...Missing Something


I hope this does not sound crazy, but I've not been knocked out by the sounds in Dimension...maybe I just haven't browsed enough, but things that I've played with really haven't knocked my socks of; I've been a little disappointed so far. I have liked some of the real bass sounds though. My main instrument is a Kurzweil K-2500, so that's what I'm comparing it to.

Any comments or suggestions?



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    RE: Dimension...Missing Something 2006/11/24 19:42:30 (permalink)
    Dpro sounds are optimized for the widest possible range of uses. Keyboard workstations and their patches almost always have an effect chain attached to the output sound. This limits there use outside a live setting where dynamic range/use in very quite passages has no function. Since most popular music has little to no dynamic range to speak of with the use of limiters/compression. With the slightest effort this can be remedied. As I understand it the sfz format will at same point use a compression opcode that will of course fix this maybe?
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    RE: Dimension...Missing Something 2006/11/25 00:33:12 (permalink)
    Hi Donny,

    what sounds in particular are you comparing DimPro to? What kind of music do you play/record?

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