DimensionPro from Kontrol49

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2006/02/27 08:53:41 (permalink)

DimensionPro from Kontrol49

I'd like to use the dial and fader controls of my Korg Kontrol49 to access some of the GUI elements (mainly filters btw). I can program the K49 to send CC and NPRN but for some reason that doesn't work (although it works with other synths). Can someone guide me ?
For example what the CC for the main filter cut-off ? I looked in the user man (p48 if I recall), considering that the first column was the CC number. But that didn't fly. I guess I'm missing something there.

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    RE: DimensionPro from Kontrol49 2006/02/27 09:12:50 (permalink)
    This is going to get even easier with the upcoming Dimension Pro 1.1 update, Richard. That update gives DP MIDI Learn capability. But it's not that difficult to accomplish right now. You just have to know what CC or NRPN message (among many others) that a particular control on the Korg is sending, and it sounds like you're already well-versed in changing those up in the KB O/S.

    Go to that group of four icons in Dimension Pro, and click on the third one. There's the MIDI Matrix. In the Source column, enter in the CC message that your knob is sending. You'll notice that you have a huge selection in that dropdown to choose from, and some involve messages other than MIDI-generated ones.

    In the second column (Destinations), you'll see what you want to control within Dimension itself. Look for the Filter Cutoffs, and notice that you can choose one from each Element, or All of the Elements at once. Set a Depth in the third column, to determine exactly how much influence that your Korg control will have over the Destination chosen. Remember that a single external control can connect to multiple Destinations, so it's very versatile.

    The last column (Smooth) effects how quickly a change on your controller reaches the full Depth setting. It's an underused parameter (from what I've seen) that really tailors your Source to whatever response that you might be looking towards. That's about it. Open up a few DP programs, bring up the MIDI Matrix, and explore how the original programmers chose to utilize external MIDI.

    You'll be up & running in no time.

    Edit: I guess that I should've mentioned this. In the MIDI Matrix, there are no pre-determined routings. So, you can use the the CC#s suggested by the MIDI spec, but you can use just about anything else, too. For a good grounding in MIDI conventions, visit the MMA site [here] and poke around. There's some excellent charts [here] available to print out, and tutorials as well.
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