Exception c0000005 in Rapture

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2010/01/01 15:30:19 (permalink)

Exception c0000005 in Rapture

Hi. After working a few minutes on a projetc containing Rapture, I have an Exception Error c0000005 that stuck Sonar. I have to restart everything and it's time consuming.
I have checked on the forum first and only found that some people have uninstall and reinstall Rapture. Before doing so,I just want to know if someone else had a better solution.
I'm running Sonar 8.5 PE (
Rapture 64 bits (1.2)
Windows 7 64 bits
My interface is an Edirol UA-4FX
I'm using the Roland Asio driver for Win7 64 bits
The current latency is 6.7 ms (320 samples)
My projet contains 2 tracks using Rapture, 2 tracks using Korg Monopoly and 2 tracks using Kontak 3.5.
I love Rpature but this bug is really annoying. 

Sonar X1 Producer Expanded (64 bits) 
Windows 7 (64 bits) 
Intel I7 / 8 MB
UA-4FX, EMU XBoard49, AT-2020 


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    Re:Exception c0000005 in Rapture 2010/01/01 16:42:50 (permalink)
    Many of us get constant and repeatable crashes with Rapture x64 in SONAR x64.  There have been bug reports submitted by several users.  Mine has a status of basically "We know about the issue and are working on a fix for it."  This was at least two months ago.

    I think the only thing you can try is uninstalling the x64 version and using the 32-bit via bitbridge.  That worked for me, but I can't say that I've tested it very much... I've just basically stopped using Rapture in any new projects for the time being.  I really hope they can find a fix for this issue, as I really like Rapture as well.

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    Re:Exception c0000005 in Rapture 2010/01/04 04:47:02 (permalink)
    Yep. Rapture x64 is a waste of time. uninstall it and go x86 until they fix it.
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