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2017/09/07 19:36:42 (permalink)

Exporting to Protools

Not that I plan to do this anytime soon. However watched a few vids on Youtube. Of course, it only shows you Logic X and Pro tools on a Mac. So my questions are these.
What is the best way to prepare a project for someone else to mix or process in Protools from Sonar. I know there is plenty export options.  I just wondered if anybody here has experience of this.
They recommend 24-bit and WAV in most videos. One inconsistency and nuisance I noticed was the need to reorder tracks within Protools. Surely creating categorical folders for each bounce of tracks could work better and save a little time. When I bounce projects down for others, I put things into a structure like this.
At some stage in my life I may have to do this, so what do you think?

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Re: Exporting to Protools 2017/09/07 20:40:43 (permalink)
When I send audio files to another studio who doesn't use Sonar, I export each track as a 24-bit WAV file.
They import them (into MOTU Digital Performer) and orders them how they like.  I'd be REALLY surprised if PT was any different - they could just set it up as a new project.
There's also the option of saving the project as an OMF file.  This will include some of the settings, and is a common file type for most DAWs. Pro Tools will understand that type.  I've never used it, but might give it a try one of these days.
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Re: Exporting to Protools 2017/09/07 20:54:40 (permalink)
Well I know Cubase kind of does by default. OMF support options in Sonar Platinum are actually quite good by the looks of them.
So you could pivot select all the tracks you need to export and export your channel settings along with the audio in format 1 or 2 OMF. I was just curious. No tedious conversion process. Yay!

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Re: Exporting to Protools 2017/09/07 22:45:44 (permalink) ☼ Best Answerby interpolated 2017/09/08 18:06:16
I'm not sure if ProFools ;) can use 64bitFP OMF files, but I recommend nothing but 64bitFP files if you've added any kind of processing to said files. And cue the groans and loud no's.

For those about to jump in and say 64bitFP audio files are overkill, they're not! I've been working on this idea now for a number of years, and recently started to remix some of my work using 64bit FP throughout, as well as, Sonar's oversampelling and it's night and day particularly when processing has been added. Yes it's subtle, but overall the final masters have more depth and less mid harshness.


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