Feature Request acknowledgement amd tracker system

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2016/08/25 22:57:44 (permalink)

Feature Request acknowledgement amd tracker system

Feature request feel like a waste of time to me, this process seems to achieve very little. Going back through 2 years of request and ideas, all I can think of that ever been implemented has been the ability to records soft synths in real time. And I'm not sure if that was down to a discussion in the main forum. I'm frankly dis disillusioned with the idea that they are interested in any of our ideas, and have little faith that this aspect of the forum has any worth. Some ideas have 50 votes. Maybe they don't consider that enough, but then what is, what exactly would be required, does voting have any meaning at all
I think the organistion of this section is pretty poor too. There are probably stacks of ideas that users would be voting for, back they are pages back. Apparently the forum is being changed, not that it's been announced, but alluded to in another thread. It would be nice if this included a better system for dealing with Feature requests to restore some faith. To show that Cakewalk have acknowledged ideas, not say they doing, but that they have 'listened', and at least when they are reviewing elements of the program, that features are on the table at that planning stage.
I think some system of seeing ideas by category, sorting by interest or votes, and being marked as acknowledge would be really useful. 
I've wanted to update a an idea I submitted 2 years ago, that seemed popular (On my Scoot account), but it would take time to present the updated idea, but at the moment I think that would just be time wasted.


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