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Feedback Loop Handbook (Please read before posting)

NEW Feedback Loop Handbook
Welcome to the Feedback Loop! This area of the forum is here specifically for sharing your ideas and reproducible problems. We do ask that this area is kept on-topic and focused. Discussions and questions about products will be moved to the appropriate forum. First, a few ground rules:
  • Be courteous 
  • Be constructive 
Topic management
To improve the Signal to Noise ratio, topics in the feedback loop may include hands-on management from the Forum hosts and Cakewalk staff. Here are a few examples:
  • The same idea or problem is posted twice by the same user. -> The duplicate will be removed, or if useful discussion exists in both places the threads will be merged.
  • An idea or report requires more information and after 2 weeks of requests for additional information nothing is provided. -> The topic will be locked. 
  • A problem has been identified and is reproducible by another member of the community. -> Once a problem has been submitted through the Problem Reporter, then the forum host, a Cakewalk staffer, or the person posting will modify the title in the format "[CWBRN-566789] - Topic title". 
  • An idea has been implemented in a Cakewalk product. -> The forum host or a Cakewalk staffer will mark the topic with "[Implemented]" and lock the topic. 
  • An idea evolves from it's original spark to a more complete proposal. -> A forum host, Cakewalk staffer or the poster may update the first message to include all of the refined details.
Problem Reports -
  1. How to effectively use the Problem Report forum - help us help you!
  2. How the Problem Reporter works
  3. Do’s and don’ts of Problem Reporting™
*1. How to effectively use the Problem Report forum - help us help you! In order to effectively report a problem, please provide as much information as possible. Clear, specific steps are paramount in helping other users and Cakewalk staff reproduce an issue, which is the first step in seeing your issue fixed. See the examples below. Another important thing to keep in mind is organization. If you are experiencing the same problem as another user, please post your information in the same thread in order to keep each issue focused and isolated. If you have information about a separate issue, please create a new thread! Please note that this is a forum for reporting issues, and verifying that what you're experiencing is or is not a bug. If you are seeking troubleshooting help, your thread would be more suited for the corresponding forum for that product. If your thread is better suited for another forum, or is found to be an issue that can be resolved through troubleshooting, your thread may be moved to the appropriate forum.
There are a few things that can happen when discussing an issue:
  • Other users are able to reproduce the issue. Once an issue is deemed reproducible, we’d like to know about it. We try to keep tabs on the issues that customers are experiencing, but it can save us a lot of time and alleviate some of the guesswork involved if you can send us a formal problem report via our aptly-named Problem Reporter.
  • Other users are unable to reproduce the issue. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not a bug. Sometimes there are system-specific issues that can cause unexpected behavior in Cakewalk products. Now, there are a few cases in which a forum thread becomes non-productive, and may be locked or moved:
1] After multiple attempts to request more information, no additional info is provided for others to help isolate and resolve the problem.
2] The issue is determined to not be caused by a Cakewalk product. The thread can be moved to the appropriate forum.
3] The issue is not reproducible by other forum members. After some discussion, if you are fairly sure what you’re experiencing is indeed unexpected behavior or malfunctioning software, please send us a problem report via our Problem Reporter. You may also try posting in the forum that is specific to your product. 
  • The issue is resolved - not a bug. In advanced programs like SONAR, it can be easy to misunderstand how certain functions work, and the behavior that is expected. In this case, it’s not necessary to submit a problem report. Be sure to thank the users that help you out!
To streamline the efforts of the community when troubleshooting please be sure you have installed the latest update/version of the Cakewalk product you are reporting an issue about. Reports for older products are appreciated but please understand that it may take longer to get feedback from other community members that may no longer be using that version. 
*2. How the Problem Reporter works. The Problem Reporter is a tool that allows you guys (gender-neutral) to submit bugs and track their progress. With clear and concise details on how to reproduce issues you all are experiencing, it helps us streamline our workflow and easily submit issues on to development for fixing. This is the typical workflow: 
  • If you believe you have found a legitimate bug, you can submit an issue via the Problem Reporter. Please be clear in your details, and provide as many steps as necessary to reproduce the issue. You may also upload a project, a screenshot, or anything that contains helpful information regarding the issue. If we need any additional information, you will be notified via email. Your problem report will become your portal of communication with Cakewalk Product Support.
  • Your report will be evaluated. If the issue seems like strange or unexpected behavior, it will be labeled “Under investigation” until one of us has had the chance to test it specifically. Once it’s been tested and is deemed reproducible, it will be submitted to development. If this isn’t reproducible, we may ask for more information, or depending on the issue, direct you to our Product Support area for a resolution. Any time your report’s status is changed, you will be notified by email.
  • Track your problem report. You can see the status of your problem report (CWBRN) at any time by going to the Problem Report page and clicking “View an existing report.”
  • When a solution for the issue is released, the status of your CWBRN will be changed to “Fixed,” with a link to download the latest version of your software. If the same issue has been reported by multiple people, each person will be notified when the bug undergoes a status change.
*3. Do’s and don’ts of Problem Reporting™ When submitting a problem report, the more details that are provided, the easier it is for us to reproduce the issue on our end. Here are a couple examples of what to do and what not to do:
Example 1 (don’t do this!): 
Description: I can’t hear anything
  • Press play
  • I don’t hear anything
Expected results: It works
Actual results: It doesn’t work
Additional information: I need you to fix this bug!
Example 2 (Clear and concise): 
Description:  Meters get stuck after previewing audio from the Media Browser.
  • Create a new project with the Normal template.
  • Ensure that Master/Metronome/Preview buses are visible.Open the Media Browser and select an audio file from the Audio Library. Click to preview.
  • Press spacebar to initiate playback in SONAR.Meters are still fine at this point.
  • Press spacebar again to stop playback. Master/Preview meters appear stuck.
  • Stop playback using the stop button in the Browser. Meters are still stuck.
Expected Results: Meters should behave normally. They should return to -infinity after all playback is stopped.
Actual Results: Meters appear stuck, as if audio is still coming through. No audio is heard.Additional information: This behavior won’t occur if there are any audio tracks in the project.  
This should give you an idea of the kind of detail to provide in order to create a super useful problem report!
Features & Ideas
If you have a great idea - share it! To reduce the Signal to Noise ratio, please do not create duplicate threads with the same idea. Duplicates will be removed or merged. If you have a suggestion to improve an idea, please include it in the same thread. Like Problem Reports, the more fleshed out and detailed your idea is the better. Work with the community on refining it and please update the opening post with the latest refined version of the idea. 
Cakewalk Store
If you have a question about the Cakewalk online store, post it here. Please note: this forum is only managed by Cakewalk staff. The Forum hosts do not have any special powers here.
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