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Feedback Loop Handbook

Welcome to the Feedback Loop! This area of the forum is specifically for sharing your ideas and reproducible problems. We do ask that this area is kept on-topic and focused. Discussions and questions about products will be moved to the appropriate forum. 
First a few ground rules:
  • Be courteous
  • Be constructive
Topic management
To improve the Signal to Noise ratio topics in the feedback loop may be more hands on from the Forum hosts and Cakewalk staff. Here are a few examples:
  • The same idea or problem is posted twice by the same user.
    • The duplicate will be deleted. Repeat offenses will result in a temporary ban.
  • An idea or report requires more information and after 2 weeks of requests for additional information nothing is provided.
    • The topic will be locked.
  • A problem has been identified and is reproducible by another member of the community.
    • The forum host, a Cakewalk staffer or the person posting will modify the title in the format "[CWBRN-566789] - Topic title".
  • An idea has been implemented in a Cakewalk product.
    • The forum host or a Cakewalk staffer will mark the topic with "[Implemented]" and lock the topic.
  • An idea evolves from it's original spark to a more complete proposal.
    • A forum host, Cakewalk staffer or the poster may update the first message to include all of the refined details.
Problem Reports
When posting a problem please provide as much detail as possible. If you are experiencing the same problem as another user, please post your information in the same thread. If you are asked for additional information and cannot provide it your thread will be locked. This isn't because we don't like you, it's because we don't have enough information to turn your report into an actionable item that we can hand to a developer.
Features & Ideas
If you have a great idea - share it! To reduce the signal to noise ratio please do not create duplicate threads with the same idea. Duplicates will be removed or merged. If you have a suggestion to improve an idea please include it in the same thread. Like problem reports, the more fleshed out and detailed your idea is the better. Work with the community on refining it and please update the opening post with the latest refined version of the idea.
Cakewalk Store
If you have a question about the Cakewalk online store, post it here. Please note: this forum is only managed by Cakewalk staff. The Forum hosts do not have any special powers here.

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