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2017/03/16 15:25:28 (permalink)

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    Re: Floating 2017/03/16 16:54:56 (permalink)
    I've always been intrigued by the sounds I hear when I'm swimming.  Really interesting songs you create.

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    Re: Floating 2017/03/16 17:53:14 (permalink)
    You definitely write for the four to the floor dance floor, some interesting voicing, thanks for sharing.

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    Re: Floating 2017/03/20 18:48:11 (permalink)
    I liked it...   Your choice of synth tones + panning + reverb do provide a nice floating feel over the groove. 

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    Re: Floating 2017/03/21 04:26:33 (permalink)
    Do you mind me asking, what exact trance lead patch for what synth you are using :33 - :36?  It's really cool .  .
    This piece just works for me, it's got variety, cool leads and lines, thoughtful delays, some random Chinese plucked things, and the bass is super present and controlled. Plus watery ear candy. Really an awesome listen.

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    Re: Floating 2017/03/21 12:16:13 (permalink)
    The main lead comes from Synth1 and is "Nostalgia" from "Alfmeister's Magic Cracker" pack. There is a large preset collection for Shynt1 online with thousands of presets. This is one of them.
    The "low bass" is from TAL Noisemaker "CHSIDchords FN" preset.
    The "mid bass" is from T-Force Alpha Plus "Massive Trance Saw" preset.
    The "echoed bass" is from Z3TA+ A017 "groveplayer (sync)" preset.
    Guitars is from TTS1-"Nylon Gt"
    Countermelody is from Z3TA - A116 "Melo or pad?"
    The watery thing is a preset from Z3TA and it was just an accident but it gave a kind of meaning to the song...
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    Re: Floating 2017/03/22 11:53:43 (permalink)
    Nice uplifting synth tune Chris... Get's the old foot tapping for sure

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