Good News? Post it Here.

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RE: Good News? Post it Here. 2008/07/23 14:39:53 (permalink)
I recently won the Computer Music / Future Loop Foundation "The Sea and the Sky" remix competition using only Project 5 v2 and free vst plugins. Some of the prize money was used to upgrade to Sonar 7 producer edition.. Both are fantastic programs but I think I will always use Project 5 for starting songs and then as they develop port them into Sonar. Thanks Cakewalk..
The remix can be heard here
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RE: Good News? Post it Here. 2008/07/25 18:01:45 (permalink)

ORIGINAL: agincourtdb

My minimalist - electronica- ambient CD, "Lamplighter", which was written in Project 5 and mixed in Sonar 7 Producer, has been picked up by Lakeshore Records, a division of Lakeshore Entertainment, and was released yesterday (May 13th). It's available at and on iTunes, as well as other places you can buy CDs... just search "AgincourtDB Lamplighter" :-)

Honestly, without Cakewalk and all the help, guidance and support I've gotten on these forums, it never would have happened.


Congrats and you should have PM from me in your inbox.

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RE: Good News? Post it Here. 2008/07/31 04:00:38 (permalink)
More Kicksville & SONAR news...sick of us yet?

For the record, we think this is interesting not because we're particularly cool or anything, but because it shows how many roles SONAR can play in a modern production environment.

Anyway, on to the news: After releasing The Results of a Higher Mission on July 4th (done completely in SONAR) through Ropeadope Records, we just finished another tour using SONAR to drive our show. The highlight was headlining the second stage at The Summer Hookah Festival in Ohio. Buckethead, Afrodesia, and Ekoostik Hookah were some of the other bands. SONAR runs all audio playback, MIDI Show Control (including console automation, video switching, and lighting cues); sends patch changes, controller info, and MIDI sync to keyboards & FX; and sends MTC for video. And, it's all done on stage as part of the show. We've moved softsynth hosting to another bit of software, but everything else is SONAR.

Just for giggles, here's part of our full gear list so you can see we're not talking about your usual "I do Top 40 gigs using SONAR to play my MIDI backing tracks" kind of thing... and remember, all of this stuff and more is on stage with us....

72 input channels / 6 stereo monitor mixes / 10 stereo submixes to FOH
Yamaha LS9 32 w/ 2 MY16AT 16-channel ADAT cards
Yamaha 01V96v2 w/ 1 MY16AT
Yamaha 01V96v2
all Audix mics: OM-5 (5), SCX-1c (7), SCX-1hc, CX-111, CX-112, VX-5, D2 (6), D6, i5, D4 (2), Micro-D (2)
Lucid GenX
Listen Technologies Extreme Extender ADAT-cat. 5 converters (6)
external preamps: Presonus, DBX
Main CPU: custom rackmount Q6600 / 4g RAM / Layla 24/96
synth/FX CPU #1: ADK laptop T7300 / 2g RAM / Audiofire4
synth/FX CPU #2: custom rackmount P4 2.8gHz / 2g RAM / Layla 3G
backup CPU: Toshiba laptop P4 3.0+gHz / 2g RAM
all custom wired looms and snakes

12 cameras / 7 video monitors / 2 video matrix outputs
12' x 12' Da-Lite truss frame screen
6' x 9' Da-Lite Express screen
Sharp LCD projectors (can't remember model # at the moment)
Edirol V1 (2)
deliberately crappy security-camera switcher
video CPU: crusty old P4 2.4gHz (just fast enough to keep up with the video stream...)

Martin MAC250 (4)
Martin Mini-MAC (4)
Jands Hog 250
Chauvet LED pars (12)
The Evil CPU-Fan-Clogging Haze Machine

basses: Pedulla Buzz (2), Pedulla MVP-5, Kubicki X-Factor (2), Fender Jazz
guitars: G&L ASAT (custom built), Fender Telecaster, Fender Telecaster w/ B-bender, Fender Deluxe Strat (2)
hardware synths: Waldorf XT, Korg Wavestation, Juno-1, Alesis QS7, Kuzweil K2000, Yamaha SY-85
drum & percussion: too much to starts with a custom built Precision Drum 6-piece kit but also includes a 1977 Buick hubcap, how's that?
Dewalt cordless drill

SONAR 4.0.2 (we use 6.2.1 in the studio, but the show file was originally built in 4.0.2 so we've kept it there)
Forte 1.6 w/ ECHO plug-in
Vegas 8.0
Arkaos VJ 3.6.1
softsynths: Rapture, Battery, Superwave, Crystal, Triangle, Absynth, FM7, B4, more...
plug-ins: Trackplug 5, Cakewalk FX3, Ohmboyz, Ephonic Lo-Fi, more....

so, that's the basics. SONAR has been integral to our writing and recording process, so it seems natural to take it on the road with us, I hope this wasn't too long of a post, but there's a lot to talk about - SONAR rocks.
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RE: Good News? Post it Here. Reliability 2008/08/16 14:08:21 (permalink)
Well the good news Is the reliability that I have now.

It takes a while to tweek a system and I had some driver issues running in 64 bit
though a Motu 828 mkll
(audio dropouts exc.)

As a new test for an upcomeing project I let 10 tracks run for an hour.
All diff mics, one of which was just to a drum machine.
(recording house stereo)
paused and continued at 20 min, added midi track at 1/2 hr
all continued to record flawlessly till i stopped it after an hour of recording

sonar options were
64-bit DPE checked
sample rate 44100
asio driver from the motu site
all boxes checked under advanced but dithering at none
read and write checked, . buffer size 2048

the project might extend for 2-2.5 hours and that will be the next test
but so far its solid

see system specs below

ASUS M2N-E bios-10 AMD 64 X2 6000 ~ 4G 800 DDR2
MOTU 828 mkll.


Its not about the money, Its about the music.
jeb milne
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RE: Good News? Post it Here. 2008/09/09 15:55:08 (permalink)
Accomplished singer/ songwriter keyboard player looking for experienced
Sonar engineer/programmer to help record new songs.

This is a paid part time job, with co-writing oportunities.

I have written for Air Supply, Roger Daltrey, and many others.
To hear examples of my work go to:

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RE: Good News? Post it Here. 2008/09/09 21:32:45 (permalink)
Great website and music there, Jeb. I can't help with your request, but the trip to your site was worth the time. The Lulu vid was a treat for me.


Dave Burns
Lowell, MA
More equipment than skill.
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RE: Good News? Post it Here. 2008/09/10 17:29:16 (permalink)
God News! Sonar 8 is coming out soon! It's got everyone excited, I got 153 emails from the thread "Sonar 8 in EQ Magazine". Send me a upgrade email when it's ready to ship.

Craig DuBuc
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RE: Good News? Post it Here. 2008/09/12 11:18:05 (permalink)
A Cubaser introduced me to Sonar and I have been using it ever since. I speak from Malaysia where a lot of people use cracked software in small studios. Sonar is still the bottom of the rung. When I get people to listen to my tracks which sound better than those who normally done in other studios, the response I get, is, that if it has to be done right, it has to be tracked and mixed on Protools or at least on Cubase. Unfortunately there are no roadshows or exhibitions in this part of the world to educate and show people different applications and equipment for recording. One day soon maybe.......

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RE: Good News? Post it Here. 2008/09/15 13:59:43 (permalink)
just started scoring two documentaries that will be distributed by the pony club worldwide.. that means a few hundred thousand little horse girls will (hopefully) enjoy the film and my music :)
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RE: Good News? Post it Here. 2008/10/07 13:34:51 (permalink)
I posted this in another thread, but it's worth repeating. I just upgraded from 5 PE to 8 PE and it was absolutely flawless. I had a current project in 5, and it played out of the shoot on 8 like it was it's native host.

Nice job guys!
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RE: Good News? Post it Here. 2008/10/31 16:41:45 (permalink)
Mike Fisher
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RE: Good News? Post it Here. 2008/10/31 21:01:45 (permalink)
Thanks for popping in here and posting that link Rip. I'm getting ready to read the review now.
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RE: Good News? Post it Here. 2008/11/02 14:35:09 (permalink)
I'm currently using Sonar to compose the score for Chop Socky Chooks (CG animated series by Aardman, broadcast worldwide), and Megabuilders (Discovery Channel International).
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RE: Good News? Post it Here. 2008/11/02 23:53:19 (permalink)
I've been commissioned to provide live audio for an outdoor concert. Its a family day that starts at 2pm and finishes at 10PM. Maybe 200 or so guests sitting on a lawn There is 7 hours of music planned with about 25 different acts incorporating a total of some 30 to 40 different performers. The stage is 4.8 metres wide X 2.4 metres deep and about 1 metre off the ground. It is fully covered and by night there'll be lights to make everyone go ahhhh! Aint it perty?

As well as the live FOH sound there'll be 2 monitor mixes for stage with up to 10 lines of audio (Electronic drums providing a stereo feed + 8 lines for 4 vocal mics, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar and 2 DI'd Acoustic guitars or other instruments) coming out to my FF800 for direct recording through SONAR 7 (was to be S8PE but having some stability issues).

Promises to be an exciting jam packed day of FUN!! I'll post some mixes in the songs forum if they pass muster.

Mike V. (MUDGEL)

STUDIO: Win 10 Pro x64, SPlat & CbB x64,
PC: ASUS Z370-A, INTEL i7 8700k, 32GIG DDR4 2400, OC 4.7Ghz.
Storage: 7 TB SATA III, 750GiG SSD & Samsung 500 Gig 960 EVO NVMe M.2.
Monitors: Adam A7X, JBL 10” Sub.
Audio I/O & DSP Server: DIGIGRID IOS & IOX.
Screen: Raven MTi + 43" HD 4K TV Monitor.
Keyboard Controller: Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S88.
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RE: Good News? Post it Here. 2008/11/03 16:39:47 (permalink)
I just finished my second album...

It was done using Sonar Producer 7.

I am overjoyed at how well it turned out.

Here you can find a video of the title track from my new album "Forty Years"

If you would like to read about the making of this album you can read that here



Wiz's Album "Forty Years" done with Sonar 7!

Wiz On Itunes
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RE: Good News? Post it Here. 2008/11/03 17:55:54 (permalink)
My upgrade from Sonar 5 PE to 8PE was flawless and the 8.01 patch was just as uneventful. I didn't appreciate this as much as I did when I started reading posts in this forum from folks not so fortunate.

What's more; my upgrade was while I was about 85% done with a project, and I finished the project in 8 with no hiccups.

Sonar Platinum 64-Bit
Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit
Intel i7 4930K CPU
Core i7 SB-E MOBO
7 TB Storage
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2009 Grammy Announcement! 2008/11/06 12:55:49 (permalink)
I’ve had the pleasure of working with an awesome talent by the name of (not sure I can say online at this point) . Well she’s on the ballet for a grammy in 4 catagories for 2 tracks produced by yours truly.

Had to remove details until I know it's ok to post publicly. PM me if you want to know more about it. Sorry.
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RE: Good News? Post it Here. 2008/11/06 13:04:49 (permalink)
Hi there... I'm a part-time songwriter and full time computer programmer (team lead) in a corporate setting. I did some early work as an engineer of demos in the '70's and wrote a song that was published by ATV Music. When I revived by songwriting efforts in the '90's, a guy at my favorite music store told me to buy Cakewalk. So, I bought Windows version 3.0 Pro and along with my TASCAM PortaStudio and a MIDIMan SMPTE Sync box was able to record "Vagabonds and Castaways". That song got the attention of my now longtime friend Jerry Corbitt (founding member of "The Youngbloods") who recently encouraged me to put my stuff online on (

I have been using Sonar 7 PE and Sonar 8 PE for a couple of months to revive one of my old tunes (my wife's favorite) that, for some reason, never made it to "tape". It is entitled "Tonight In Dreams". I am happy to report that I was able to put together an acceptable demo of this tune in just a few weekends after a three year hiatus where my music gear and instruments had been gathering dust.

I am having fun again... And now that I can easily switch audio drivers, I find myself exploring my music in new ways while I ride the train to and from my job in Los Angeles.

Keep up the good work Cakewalk! I think the Roland relationship is a very good thing because I am a big fan of Roland and Boss gear!

Steve Cord
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RE: Good News? Post it Here. 2008/11/13 14:56:25 (permalink)
Sorry for the double-post (I posted this on the Songs forum already), but it's probably more appropriate to post it here.

We're going to be the focus of an hour-long feature on ZoneOne Radio this evening at 11:00PM Pacific Time (US). Bj Spires will be spinning 40 minutes worth of our EDM/trance tracks followed by a 20-minute interview segment with me, Avery Parker (aka justjabbin), Aliciya, Avonlea, and Lauren. It will be webcast if you're interested in checking it out. Details at:

If you miss it or can't listen, don't worry, I'll be recording it and posting it on my website. Speaking of that, I used this event as an excuse to give my website a long overdue and much-needed overhaul and rebuilt it from the ground up last night. It's a work in progress, but it's mostly there. Check it out!

cryophonik   |   soundcloud  |   Facebook

Q6600 | GA-EP45-UD3P | Windows 7 64 | 8GB
Access Virus Keyboard TI2 | Kurzweil PC3X | NI Maschine

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Guitar Player Mag Winner won on Sonar 7 2008/11/26 10:08:13 (permalink)
Second Place Winner of Guitar Player Magazine Instrumental Song Contest; All Recorded on Sonar 7 x64!
Hi, I recently found out I came in Second Place in a contest held by BroadJam and Guitar Player Magazine.
The song Sleeping with Saturday was recorded at SORStudios in NYC.

SORStudios uses Sonar 7 (now Sonar 8) x64. All the plugins used were part of the Sonar Bundle. We even mastered the tune with the Vintage 64 plug in!

If you happen to pass by a magazine rack, check out the Guitar Player Magazine Holiday issue (with Billy Gibbons on the cover). I am on page 26!

thanks again Sonar!!!!

~Mike Grande

Win XP Pro 64 Bit
Intel Core 2 Duo 64 Bit Processor/HT
Intel P35 Media MOBO
Sonar Producer 8.31
80 gig OS/500 gig eSATA Ext HDD
2 Gigs of RAM
RME Fireface 800-Presonus Digimax LT
One Kick Ass Setup!
Paul Russell
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RE: Guitar Player Mag Winner won on Sonar 7 2008/12/04 23:17:41 (permalink)
My Bollywood remix/remake/remodel album, Nagraan, has been picked up by EQ Music for distribution throughout Singapore and Malaysia, with the potential of the rest of Asia and Europe to follow.

Paul Russell 
Calamity Studio and on Facebook

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RE: Guitar Player Mag Winner won on Sonar 7 2008/12/05 08:50:01 (permalink)
Had well know recording artist do vocal overdubs at the studio. She was pleased at how fast I worked as a Recording Engineer.

About two years ago I mixed a classical project with full orchestra in Sonar. They may have stopped a couple of times because of the vocalist. Had to mix and match about 30 audio tracks in at least 10 different spots. Sonar worked great and did exactly what I imagined it could do.

And again this week I transferred a live recording recorded on a 2480 to Sonar.

Used S6.2.1.

So much fun!!
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Pure Desires~~


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RE: Good News? Post it Here. 2008/12/06 12:18:24 (permalink)
I just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Shawn Farrell I am 36 years old and have owned my own multi-media company since I was 19. I started out on electronic music with the c64 and various programs, then onto my Amigas with Bars & Pipes Pro & then PC's with Pro Audio 9 & finally SONAR 3,7,8. Music has always been my passion & around 10 years ago I had a 3 CD Royalty Free Music Library I sold in Video Production Magazines for $25.00 each CD Buyout.

Today, I am in the middle of a deal with NewTek ( to sell my current collection under their coats as The NewTek SoundTraxx Music Library for video, film, web & other multi-media projects. ( this link is a preview of the library)

I thought you might like to know that all of these songs were done in either Pro Audio 9 (SONAR's predecessor) or SONAR 3,7,8. I love SONAR & just ordered my upgrade to 8.0 (my favorite new feature has to be LIVE BOUNCE for VST's).

My favorite physical musical instrument is my VIRUS TI from Access Music Electronics in Germany (
(although I have had my u220 as a controller for over 15 years)

My favorite soft synth plugin has to be Reaktor 5 from native-instruments in Germany (

My main work is in the visual multi-media fields like video production, web sites, CD-ROMs/DVD's etc...

I am a programmer in quite a few languages & dabble in photography.

Check out my music at that NewTekSoundTraxx link and let me know what you think (it's about 15 years of musical work!)

Best Regards,

Shawn L. Farrell

Studio SONAR X3. Axiom 25 midi controller, DUNE 2, Producer Content, Good Times, Bandlab Mojo

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RE: Good News? Post it Here. 2009/01/03 21:20:10 (permalink)
Went from gold to platnum with sonar !!

No need to talk , everytime pro producer witch works in the same albums see , they look at their logic ofr Pt or Cbase and i see their face changin !!
it's more deadly when they start asking me questions , and for friends who make audio , everytime one of them chek it at home , there's a switcher !!

I recently tried Pt ad cubase , just to be objectif , i went back to sonar like T pain and his stripper !!!

For sale  (PM me) : transfert ilok included
Eventide Ultrachannel make offers
Softube Summit EQ
IK Neve 1081 , Neve precision Comp/Lim
HW : VS 700 R 
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RE: Good News? Post it Here. 2009/01/07 21:43:17 (permalink)
Hello Folks,

I started with a small laptop and SONAR 2 and a MOTU 896. I upgraded the MOTU 896 to 896HD, then bought 2 more of them and an Ultralite. Meanwhile, I upgraded to SONAR 3, 4, 5, 6, and now 8. I was on location a while back and a fella walked up and asked about my "stuff". He told me that he had never seen anybody doing what I was doing with except with PT. I told him that there are several DAW's out there, and SONAR works well for me. I never dreamed that big years ago that I would be able to record 32 tracks! It's all possible thanks to Cakewalk and SONAR. I have produced several local albums for talent here as demos. I have recorded everything from jazz to rock n roll, religious to grunge, orchestras to one-man bands! I go tomorrow to record some local talent in a noontime concert at our local library. That's a neat place. Thanks again Cakewalk!

Having fun with 32 tracks in OKC
hp laptop ZD7000 2.8 Gb 1 Gb RAM
Win XPPro SP-2
Cakewalk SONAR 8.02 Producer
3 MOTU 896HD
1 MOTU Ultralite
External 7200 rpm hard drives
Several studio microphones

Having fun with 32 tracks in OKC
hp laptop zd7000 2.8 Ghz 2 Gb DDR RAM
WinXPP SP3 with AVT1394BusDriver
Sonar 2S, 3S, 4S, 5S, 5P, 6.12P, now 8.3P
MOTU 896HD (x3)
MOTU Ultralite
MOTU 8-Pre (x2)
MOTU Ultralite
many studio mics
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RE: Good News? Post it Here. 2009/01/12 20:49:32 (permalink)
I just put my CD of the Goldberg Variations up on CD Baby:

The entire thing was done in Sonar Studio with Dimension Pro. The only virtual instrument from another software company was the piano. Give a listen and see how good Cakewalk virtual instruments sound.

This CD was created completely in Staff View. So despite complaints about its limitations, it's very usable. I transcribed Bach's entire manuscript of the Goldberg Variations and only had to resort to Piano View for a few grace notes.

And... I only became a Cakewalk customer this past August... finished the CD by Thanksgiving... the learning curve is amazingly user-friendly.

My thanks to Cakewalk and all of its programmers, and to the helpful people who frequent these forums, which I've used.

Warm regards,

Intel i5, 4GB RAM, Win7 64-bit, Asio4all, Sonar X2 Producer 32-bit, Dimension Pro, Rapture, TruePianos, Strum Electric/Acoustic, VI.One, Ableton Live, FL Studio

That One
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RE: Good News? Post it Here. 2009/01/18 22:34:25 (permalink)
I've been composing / recording with cakewalk software since it was twelve tone sytems in DOS. my earlier industry level work always ended up on pro-tools until around 2005 or so , from there I was able to complete full projects in Sonar , including an album that sold 80,000 copies at shows and online in two years. I spent last year working for guitar center as a GC pro, .. mainly to put myself at the center of the music scene in Las Vegas (and the discounts on gear was a plus) as I expaned my recording studio / multi-media company. as a result of networking my clients include Michael Jackson , Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis , Unified Tribe , (they appear on the Sonar demo) , and a host of local acts such as Zumanity cirque Du Soleil , drummer Bry Kent ... and many up-and comers.

We have a title track to a movie picked up by sony , and will be presenting the artist with a live band at south by south west in Austin TX this March.

I owe a lot to the pro-level production I can get out of sonar at about 1/5 the start-up cost of most comercial studios and or home studio owners following the hype behind a name they hear again and again ... without realising that this propriatary prison will cost them even more in frustration long term.

oh! and I saved a lot of money switching to GEIKO


sonar 8 pe - intell core2 quad q9450 2.67Ghz - 8 gig ram - 3 TB sata - nvidia GeForce 9800 GT x2 (SLi cards) - Motu 2408 mk3 core system / PCIe 424
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RE: Good News? Post it Here. 2009/01/27 10:04:13 (permalink)
Hi All,

My good news is that I just upgraded from Sonar 5 Power Studio to Sonar 8 Producer Platinum Edition using the "holiday bundle discounts". What a great deal! I have the downloaded content and am eagerly waiting for the mailman to deliver Sonar. "Please Mister Postman".

I have been reading these posts and find them very motivating and encouraging. It is great to hear that some people are doing so well. My wishes to all of you for continued success. Remember to post here to inspire the rest of us.

Regards John

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RE: Good News? Post it Here. 2009/02/04 13:52:13 (permalink)

ORIGINAL: 21doors

Yesterday, after a pro engineer came over and saw I used Sonar, he said the words "I like Sonar".
It threw me back because I ALWAYS have to explain why I don't use Pro Tools, and what Sonar is, and all of its features, etc.

Dang! That's awesome usually whenever I do any recording i have to defend why I'm not using pro tools as if I'm on trial for a crime. it's good to hear that there are some pro's out there who don't immediatley write off non-pro tools set-up as sub-par!
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RE: Good News? Post it Here. 2009/02/18 10:39:28 (permalink)
An artist that I produced is being featured in MTV's REALWORLD: Brooklyn tonight. His eponymous album, "Jose Galvez" was recorded and mixed entirely in Sonar 6. His record was my first totally ITB mix! Up until the time I mixed his record I used a hybrid system of a mixing console and some ITB summing. These days I am happily ITB.

the artist info is:

REALWORLD: Brooklyn is pretty lame in my opinion but I am happy that they are using his song!
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