Guitar Pro 7.5 workflows?

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Guitar Pro 7.5 workflows?

The TL/DR version: If using GP 7.5 only for guitar tracks, is there an easy workflow to get that in/out of another DAW including editing loops?
The original version:
Quick background on this - Waited most of the year for AmpleSound AG12 knowing the sale cycle, and picked up AGT, AGM, and AG12. V3 came out a few days later, so got lucky with timing and been mucking about off and on creating drum maps, etc. in SO4. Then, I finally get to the "Tablature" screen (or TAB tab) in AG12 and come across gp5, gpx... then *DING* the references to "Guitar Pro" I have seen over the years are clearer...
I downloaded GP 7.5 trial last night, so is all new to me and I wonder if/how I would use it. I see a lot of references to downloading tablature from online, and even inside the application it seems like a "micro-transaction" nightmare (both of which are not my cup of tea). 7.5 comes across as its own DAW so far, and I saw a couple comments about exporting MIDI being problematic, but AmpleSound plugins can load gp5/gpx, then drag/drop (to SO4 anyway) and the MIDI is perfect. A lot of posts also mention that 7.5 is significantly improved over 7.
As a composition tool, it seems viable; but if only using it for guitars, it seems it might be clunky to use for only select tracks then do the rest in another DAW. Does GP7 have any workflow to accommodate this? On the surface it seems that I would be doing a Guitar Pro 7-> AmpleSound (as gpx)-> Studio One (drag/drop) -> Guitar Pro 7 (as MIDI import?) loop.
AmpleSound's downloads also include SO .song files... so I will try shooting them an email as well.

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