Hard Drive Configuration For DAW?

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2017/07/21 02:53:15 (permalink)

Hard Drive Configuration For DAW?

It is time for some upgrading on my PC. I am on a tight budget. My PC is a modified HP Pavilion m9300t CTO Intel Core 2 Quad
Q6700 @2.66GHz 2.    8.00 GB Installed RAM 64-bit OS, x64 based processor Windows 10 Pro V 1703 OS Build 15063.483
I am running SONAR Platinum w/ Lifetime Updates, Drums and Keys by XLN, M-Audio TFP/Arsenal, Air Music Technology VSTs, Roland D-5, M-Audio Keystation 61es, Fatar SL-990 Studiologic Midicontroller, JBL 7.1
My PC has three Hard Drives: C: Solid State 118 GB Capacity with 44.2 GB free E: 7200 RPM Dsk 149 GB Capacity w/ 69.5 GB Free
and J: 3 TB WD Book (external HD).
I have recently purchased VSTs (about 70 GB) which have not been installed. I believe what I need is to reconfigure my drives. C: OS, D: SONAR, and E: Libraries. I'm guessing that I would eliminate the external drive (save it for backing up), and would benefit from at least one additional SSD, but ideally two ( one at least 128 GB, and the second ideally larger).
Am I looking in the right direction? I'd love a new PC with i7 and 32 GB RAM, but I can't afford that.

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    Re: Hard Drive Configuration For DAW? 2017/07/22 18:34:50 (permalink)
    Get a bigger SSD for C:, put all Windows programs and VSTs on that.  There are many 240GB SSD drives available for under $100 at Newegg.
    Get a bigger HDD for E:, and put all your libraries on that.  You could create two partitions there, say E: for sample libraries, and F: for Cakewalk projects.  WD Blue 1TB 7200 RPM SATA drives are running around $49 for the next two days at Newegg.
    Use the external drive for backups.
    No huge advantage to a 2nd SSD, except maybe for sample libraries, to speed up loading samples.  7200 RPM is good enough for an audio drive and projects.

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