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Re: Hoooray, I made it. 2018/11/09 21:17:14 (permalink)
Dude your clipping at 0db.  Gain staging is your friend.

And my disc is full (of it) too.
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Re: Hoooray, I made it. 2018/11/10 01:05:57 (permalink)
Stay safe Bapu... I hope you guys make it through with no damage.
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Re: Hoooray, I made it. 2018/11/10 04:54:02 (permalink)
Today, with this post I earned another star!

Am I good or what?

If being good means staying safe  from the local fires and the mass shooting that took place in your town
Yeah I think your good
I do hope you are OK

Yup, we're good.
We were evacuated last night but we are back home. My workplace is still under evacuation though.
My car is packed up with "key" instruments that I will not lose in a fire (5 basses) as well as important documents, 3 days of clothes, medicines etc.
We're safe for now.

I have just seen the latest news from your area has gotten pretty serious in the past few hours ...
the weather is certainly  not helping ....
I lived in the SFV for 10 years , but I have spent a fair bit of my time over in your neck of the area ...
I sincerely hope you and yours can stay safe and land on your feet when it is all over ...

Oh Yeah , Life is Good .
The internet is nothing more than a glorified real time cartoon we all star in.
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Re: Hoooray, I made it. 2018/11/10 10:42:02 (permalink)

Am I good or what?

I don't know.  Ask your significant other. 

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