Helpful ReplyHow to test that latency setting is correct?

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2018/12/26 20:55:27 (permalink)

How to test that latency setting is correct?

Hi to All,
I've searched for test/check methods of latency setting is correct, but maybe it's me, have not found working link, method.
I am using Sonar Platinium with Focusrite Scarlet USB soundcard and successfully configured ASIO in and out. All is working.
I can open the ASIO panel and set sample rate and buffer size, and I also found the "Sync and Caching" in Sonar preferences and see that latency was set according my ASIO driver settings. (Use ASIO reported latency) 
I would like to to the simplest recording: Import a backing track, then play and record guitar over it. I did it successfully, by sending the imported backing track output to my Focusrite soundcard.
When playing back the recording and the backing track it sounds good and in sync, but I would like to check somehow more exactly that the applied latency compensation is correct. 
Is there any professional way to do this?
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Re: How to test that latency setting is correct? 2018/12/27 01:56:29 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby horo 2018/12/27 07:21:34

It's called a loopback test.
Patch your output back to an input.
Use a frozen drum track with a good transient spike.
record this to a new audio track make sure to leave input echo OFF 
Now zoom in and look see.
ASIO is always right on but other Driver modes not so. 

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Re: How to test that latency setting is correct? 2018/12/27 06:08:02 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby horo 2018/12/27 07:21:10
Even ASIO drivers can misreport latency. This is why there is a manual adjustment for ASIO in preferences. There are a couple of methods using loopback tests to verify the accuracy of the reported latency. CEntrance makes a tool to simplify the process. Scroll down on this page for the link to register for their Latency Test Utility download.
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