I just updated to W-10 Creator and...

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2017/09/10 23:48:57 (permalink)

I just updated to W-10 Creator and...

I noticed Magic Sound. I read where Craig said it caused him a problem I deleted it. Then I hit the scan for legacy on Device Manager and it re-installed it. Deleted it again...
Do you know if there is anything else in 1703 that I need to disable or delete. I set all my privacy settings the way I want. I guess I should check now and again to see that MS doesn't change them or re-install Magic Sound.

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    Re: I just updated to W-10 Creator and... 2017/09/11 01:23:34 (permalink)
    Privacy, power, default audio devices ... that was about it for me.

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    Re: I just updated to W-10 Creator and... 2017/09/13 20:05:55 (permalink)
    Windows 10....   just kidding.
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    Re: I just updated to W-10 Creator and... 2017/09/14 22:30:24 (permalink)
    The only "tweak" I've done in Win 10 Pro Creators Upgrade is to set the power plan to High Performance.  Nothing else.  My system is "clean" with picky Resplendence Latency Mon.  
    A regression to old times, I still disable the Ethernet NIC (off line) when I run Sonar.
    I also have the Windows Insider advanced versions.  I have Sonar installed there and it too only has the High Performance power plan and is clean with Latency Mon.   The last two or three version updates are already showing "Welcome to the fall creators upgrade" when they first initialize after updates.  I'm currently on build 16288 (latest release).  

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