IK "Sonik Synth 2"-versus-CW "Demension Pro" and PJ5 "DS864" sampler

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2006/02/21 04:16:37 (permalink)

IK "Sonik Synth 2"-versus-CW "Demension Pro" and PJ5 "DS864" sampler

Is this the bread and butter of music software synth/sampler technology?

After hearing the Demo,
I think IK media's "Sonik Synth 2" might be on a higher level than the "Demension Pro"
and "Sample Tank XL" has left the project 5 "DS864" sampler in the dust.
Can someone please tell me what going on here?

Please leave your testimony or thoughts about these programs
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    RE: IK "Sonik Synth 2"-versus-CW "Demension Pro" and PJ5 "DS864" sampler 2006/02/21 14:42:25 (permalink)
    ST and SS are sample playback engines with a ton of samples. Most people that I've heard of that use them appreciate the large number of presets and never tweak anything. Out of the box good sounds without any work.

    Dimension and Dimension Pro, however, are another beast entirely. These synthesizers do play back samples like a sampler would, but they are far more than this. These are true synthesizers with the ability to do wave-guide synthesis and wave-table synthesis in addition to the previously mentioned sample playback capability.

    See the following resources for more information about the power and flexibility of sound design and control that is available with Dimension/Dimension Pro. This link is to the Project5 Wiki where there is a section with a lot of information for Dimension and Dimension Pro--most of this information is collected and organized anywhere else.


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    RE: IK "Sonik Synth 2"-versus-CW "Demension Pro" and PJ5 "DS864" sampler 2006/02/21 15:42:21 (permalink)
    I agree with everything techead said. I have SS2, ST2XL and Dimension. These are all similar in certain ways, yet very different in other ways. I just don't think it is a matter of one being better than the other. It really depends on your preferences and needs, so it pays to do as much research as possible.

    Be aware that SS2 has a lot of "raw" synth and instrument samples that require the user to tweak in order to get a more polished sound. Also, much of the focus in SS2 is toward vintage sounds. It even has a number of mellotron samples. This is in contrast with Dimension where the sounds are more consistently "polished" and "contemporary" sounding. SS2 also has "polished" and "contemporary" sounds, but if someone was expecting only "polished" and "contemporary" sounds, they might be disappointed with SS2. But if you really like vintage sounds, SS2 might be your best choice. So it all comes down to what you want.
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    RE: IK "Sonik Synth 2"-versus-CW "Demension Pro" and PJ5 "DS864" sampler 2006/02/21 21:40:06 (permalink)
    I like to tweak and I like to pick and chose my sample content from a much larger list. D Pro gives me that. But I'd say that SS has a place. I never made that buy. I was tempted but it didn't give me the choice I wanted. D Pro has an open ended feel to it. I like that, SS is just the samples they give you.
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