I'm Crazy About You

Freddy J
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2018/05/09 20:42:12 (permalink)

I'm Crazy About You

Here is a little number that I just finished up.
My ineptness again caused me to fight with MIDI in order to get some sax sounds in this song.  Soooo ---- any comments, suggestions, ideas, etc. would be appreciated.
I'm Crazy About You

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    Re: I'm Crazy About You 2018/05/09 22:40:08 (permalink)
    Enjoyed the lyrics about silly love and classic guitar playing. Keep it up!

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    Re: I'm Crazy About You 2018/05/10 20:28:32 (permalink)
    I see a lot of potential in this song, Freddy, but I think it might be undercooked a little.  It has a herky-jerky feel, reminiscent of Little Feat, that could be smoothed over a bit.  I find it interesting that you wrestled with MIDI to get a sax sound in your song because I tackled that same problem with my latest song.  This advise may go against the grain, but I suggest you turn the sax up because I can hear what you're going for, and it'll sound great when you get it to where you like it.  But, like all your other songs, your voice carries the day and elevates my mood.  Keep em coming.

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    Re: I'm Crazy About You 2018/05/10 20:43:27 (permalink)
    Nice vocals. I didn't even look at the style and immediately thought Blues Brothers by the opening riff  Lynn made some good points and a more prominent sax would give it that lift. Although not a blues fan, I enjoyed this track lot.

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    Re: I'm Crazy About You 2018/05/10 21:45:39 (permalink)
    As usual, your vocals are top notch.   Couple timing issues in this song,  pretty minor.  They almost sound like MIDI timing issues I have heard when there are double notes registered and it is bogging down the playback.  
    Everything else sounds pretty good but not a fan of the group handclaps, I usually go with single clap samples because they sound better in recordings.  The group version handclaps sound very "Casio-ish" to me,   even in pro apps like EZDrummer 2.
    Anyway, cool track. 
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    Re: I'm Crazy About You 2018/05/17 19:25:50 (permalink)
    I agree with Lynn - the groove itself is cool, but some of the parts sound like they're a bit rushed leading to a slightly "herky-jerky" feel.  I think if you can lay back a bit and smooth out those parts it should lock in better.  Not a fan of the hand-claps either, at least not as frequent, and the part playing with them seems a little out of sync.
    All that said... another good Freddy tune!  It sounds like you, with that cool blues vibe all over it. 

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    Re: I'm Crazy About You 2018/05/17 19:41:16 (permalink)
    I think the drums really need a lift so they drive things with a little more purpose. After that, slot all the other pieces...the claps, guitars, vocals etc in around it. Get the bass and the drums working together well. Maybe make use of the stereo spectrum more. There seems to be a general balance thing going on that you could sort out. I like your tune though. 
    Freddy J
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    Re: I'm Crazy About You 2018/05/26 19:47:37 (permalink)
    Hi Everyone  --- my apologies for taking so long to respond but I am in the process of fighting off a flare-up of reactive arthritis (ReA).
    Hey David.  I guess every once in a while I just have to do a silly little love song.  Thanks for listening, the kind words, and encouragement!
    Hi Lynn.  I appreciate your comments.  I will be going back and working on the sax.  MIDI and I have had a long and quarrelsome relationship but hopefully, we will come to some peace accord. It was my attempt to create a little discord in this number (given the angst the subject of the song feels), but I do get what you are saying about the jerky feel.  However, I am not sure that I know how to address it without changing the overall feel.  Would you have any suggestions that I might try (I hope).  Thanks my friend!!
    Hi Adrian.  The Blues Brothers -- that's cool! I will be bringing up the sax volume.  Thanks for listening and I appreciate your comments.
    Hey Mark.  You are very astute.  Given my relationship with MIDI, I can use all the pointers I can get.  I will be working on the sax, so I will also check for any issues such as you suggest.  I am using a tenor and baritone sax --- perhaps the timing between the two could be the issue?  Thanks for the tips and for taking the time to comment.
    Thank you Steve.  I think you suggestion about looking at the timing of the parts is a good one.  The hand-claps aren't Casio or EZ Drummer but were recorded live.  I personally like them so I will take a look to see what I can do to improve them.  Thanks again for your input.
    Hi Matt.  I guess it is rather obvious that I am having some timing and balancing problems in this number.  I appreciate your suggestions and as soon as my ReA allows me to sit at the computer long enough, I will be working on all of the suggestions that I have received.  I very much appreciate your input and thanks for listening and commenting.
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    Re: I'm Crazy About You 2018/05/27 12:03:51 (permalink)
    Have to agree Freddy this dose not have your usual polish will keep an ear out for the remix.

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    Freddy J
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    Re: I'm Crazy About You HELP !!!!! 2018/05/30 16:50:29 (permalink)
    Thanks Wookiee!  I am trying to work on it but .....
    Unfortunately, I used Studio One 3 Pro for this song.  When doing this number, I did a mixdown to get a final version of the song that I could export.  Apparently when one does this or a bounce the original tracks are all muted. I have tried deleting the mixdown but none of the original tracks will play.  Help  ---  does anyone have any ideas on how I can get my working tracks back.
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    Re: I'm Crazy About You HELP !!!!! 2018/05/31 12:46:37 (permalink)
    Hi Freddy - I hope you are well sir.
    I agree that this needs some work but it will be worth it as there is a good song in there.
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