Installation problem ...

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2018/12/16 14:45:16 (permalink)

Installation problem ...

not with Cake, but with the holiday gift from NI. I know I shouldn't be posting about this here, and the two products in question are not that important, but I am intrigued by my experience so far and there have often been very knowledgeable contributors to this forum. What follows is three successive posts that I made on the NI forum -
1- Well, I'm also a fan of NI's seasonal gifts, but this one is proving frustrating. The Kick module has installed and it works exactly as expected. The Bass module hasn't. It appears as an item available for installation in Native Access. I click INSTALL. It download and installs and displays INSTALLED in green. I go to Reaktor 6 and there is no sign of it. I restart Native Access, and it once again appears as an item available for installation. I can repeat this indefinitely. For variety, I have tried restarting the PC at various points, but that changes nothing.

Digging deeper, and comparing the Bass and Kick modules side-by-side, the download folder contains both (i.e. TRK-01_Bass.iso and TRK-01_Kick.iso). In the content location there is only a folder for TRK-01 Kick, but not for TRK-01 Bass. The registry contains a key for TRK-01 Kick, but nothing for TRK-01 Bass.

2 - Just for Kicks (sic) I unpacked the two .iso files and ran the two installers myself outside of Native Access. Kicks seems fine. Bass fails with "runtime error in setup script: Line 1301: List index out of bounds (3)". So the installer is faulty or corrupt. Maybe deleting the .iso will allow Native Access to download a fresh copy. I'll see what happens.
3 -It gets more perplexing. I deleted TRK-01_Bass.iso from my download folder and ran Native Access again. It detected the product awaiting installation. I clicked INSTALL and watched the download location. I saw a new copy of the .iso download (in parts, as they do), the download completed, installation started according to Native Access, then something immediately deleted the .iso. Native Access reports INSTALLED, but there is no registry key and nothing in the contents folder, so obviously, it still doesn't work. If I close and re-open Native Access, the cycle begins again. I can't think of anything else to try.
I did subsequently update Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributables (because Googling the runtime error implicated those) but there has been no apparent effect on the situation.
Can anyone help me please?

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    Re: Installation problem ... 2018/12/20 02:35:32 (permalink)
    I had trouble just running Native Access, even before attempting to use it for installing anything. Fortunately NI were surprisingly compliant when I requested an offline installer for the product that I was trying to install (i.e. Battery 4). I posted about it here at the time:

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