Is Sonar 3 Windows 7-compatible?

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2010/03/27 20:46:18 (permalink)

Is Sonar 3 Windows 7-compatible?


I have Sonar 3 Producer Edition and now a system with Windows XP. Because I should update my PC in future, I would like to buy Windows 7. Does anyone have experience if Sonar 3 works with Windows 7 without any compatibility issues?
My soundcard is M-Audio Audiophile 2496 and it seems to have drivers also for Windows 7.

Windows 7 seems to have 3 different versions of which 2 have "Windows XP compatibility mode". The two versions, however, cost a lot more than the cheapest version which doesn´t have that feature.

If someone has experience on Sonar 3 with Windows 7, I would be really glad to hear if it works or not!


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    Re:Is Sonar 3 Windows 7-compatible? 2010/03/28 08:43:04 (permalink)
    Why would you want to run an old obsolete version of Sonar on a thoroughbred of a Win7 box? If you're serious about your music and it seems you are considering you're putting serious money and research time into a new computer why not just pony-up and get Sonar 8.5? Lots of new toys in the box - full Dim Pro, really nice effects and a lot of other goodies.

    Once you do the upgrade to S8 I think you'll like it. I know I did, even though I'm still on S8.3.1. I have S3P and S5P and neither can hold a candle to S8.


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    Re:Is Sonar 3 Windows 7-compatible? 2010/03/28 10:19:12 (permalink)
    Compatibility mode would maybe run as fast as your current machine. And it also need some bios settings enabled to run virtually.

    Heavy realtime apps work smoother in w7-mode.

    I agree with former speaker, updates for Sonar are really cheap.
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