Helpful ReplyIs there a problem with PM's

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2018/03/28 23:07:56 (permalink)

Is there a problem with PM's

Tried to send some PM's. Look like they go out, but not showing in the "sent" folder. I'm know for sure they were received if and when I get a reply.  Until then, can anyone advise if they are aware of any problems or restrictions with PM's facility?   
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Re: Is there a problem with PM's 2018/03/29 18:53:15 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby jimfogle 2018/04/01 18:07:48
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Make sure "Always save sent PM" is checked in the Private Message Preference section of Feature Preferences found on your profile page. Click the User Control Panel link in the upper right if using the progressive theme (PC browsers).
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Re: Is there a problem with PM's 2018/04/19 14:02:46 (permalink)
Subscriptions are broken too.

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