AnsweredIs this a decent upgrade?

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2018/05/03 02:52:13 (permalink)

Is this a decent upgrade?

Watts up! I upgraded from sonar 7 (started at sonar 4) to sonar platinum and of course need new computer (old gateway, windows xp lol) and trying to get in the game again with new interface as well (focusrite 18i20, will get another 8 mic pres via optical in near future). Im a drummer (lil guitar and bass as well) and will be recording acoustical rock style (with a heavy edge) band and wont be needing a ton of effects with samples and all that so wanted start with a great processor and basic line other things and will upgrade as time moves on so i can stay within my budget and keep wife happy 😆 have $2000 budget for everything so was trying to keep computer around 1100. Was hoping with everyones expertise you guys(and gals) could help me make a right decision. After looking everywhere for best deal and without goin run of the mill stuff (dell, hp, etc..)( wish i could go with jim roseberry but just out of my range (sorry bro)) i found this.. website with this build.
Complete System w/ Intel Core (Socket 1151)
w/ Intel Core i7-8700K (6 Core 12 Thread @ 4.7GHz - Intel 4K GPU)
Asus Prime-B360-Plus
Performance Cooling Package
8GB DDR4-2666 (1x8GB Module)
128GB Solid State Drive (SSD) - M.2 - NVMe -
1TB Hard Drive 7200RPM - SATA3
24X DVD+/-RW Drive
Coolermaster Open Cool Pro Mid-Tower
600W Power Supply
Windows 10
Standard - Build, Burn-in, Test & Ship Out in Approx 3 to 5 Business Days
2 Year Warranty $1100
I know ssd and memory is small but will upgrade as time goes on and money comes in.
Thanks for any advise everyone!!
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Re: Is this a decent upgrade? 2018/05/04 04:37:56 (permalink) ☼ Best Answerby Drumafied 2018/05/06 04:24:13
...8GB DDR4-2666 (1x8GB Module)...

With dual-channel memory architecture, you would need to use 2x4GB rather than 1x8GB.

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Re: Is this a decent upgrade? 2018/05/06 04:27:21 (permalink)
Yeah, i just chked that out and it doesn't make sense. Guess i will need to call them direct and make sure its a 2 4g memory. Thanks for input.
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Re: Is this a decent upgrade? 2018/05/10 15:45:28 (permalink)
i highly suggest 16 gig or ram, over 8.

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Re: Is this a decent upgrade? 2018/05/10 16:09:52 (permalink)
I would second Bat's comment...I would third it but there's only one of me.

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Re: Is this a decent upgrade? 2018/05/10 19:47:34 (permalink)
Sounds like a solid core system.  But as you already know, the SSD and RAM are way too small.  I ripped through 140Gb on my C drive within a couple weeks of upgrading (from scratch).  256Gb would be the minimum I'd recommend, but 500Gb would be safer and a better value.  Anything more and you're looking at a big jump in price.  You might be able to make 128Gb work by being extremely careful about where your programs load and store data, but I wouldn't recommend it.  

8Gb of RAM might work for you depending on your specific needs.  But if you use a high-end sample library (EastWest, for example), or lots of gourmet plug-ins, you'll likely find 8Gb inadequate.  

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Re: Is this a decent upgrade? 2018/05/15 02:41:41 (permalink)
Thanks all for input!
I know 8g of ram is small, but for now recording basic rock band setup with simple effects and few samples it will do the job, will upgrade later. Trying to keep it cheap as poss. Def will prob move up to 250g ssd tho.
Does anybody know of and have any comments?
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