Jog in Time Line No Longer Usable Due to Erratic Behavior

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Jog in Time Line No Longer Usable Due to Erratic Behavior

I use the Jog function a lot.  It seems that over the last few months, it's been behaving unexpectedly and is no longer usable for me.
Can anyone else reproduce this?  I'm trying to decipher if this is a system configuration issue on my system or a problem with CbB.
Below is the recipe for reproducing the issue on my system:
  1. Open CbB
  2. Choose File/New
  3. Select Empty Project on the New Project File dialog and press OK
  4. Open Windows File Explorer and browse to an audio file
  5. Drag 4 copies of the audio file into CbB all starting at 1:01:000 to create 4 audio tracks
  6. Using the cursor on the time line, select a span within the range of the audio. This will create a selection range, selecting all tracks and creating selected range in each of the audio tracks.
  7. Position the cursor on the time line and within the previously selected time span and press and hold the J key on the keyboard to begin the “Jog” operation. (If you see the magnifier when you position the cursor, you are too high on the time line.)
  8. Press and hold the primary mouse button on the time line within the previously selected time span to start a “Jog” operation and drag the cursor to later in the time line.
  9. Release the mouse button.
  10. Release the J key on the keyboard.
The expected result is that the “Jog” operation is started on step 8 and finished on step 9 leaving the Now Time positioned at the point you released the mouse button in step 9.
The actual result is:
  • Upon performing step 8, the Now Time is moved immediately to where the mouse button was pressed and remains.
  • Dragging the cursor in the time line does not perform the “Jog” operation.
  • Upon release of the mouse button, the cursor is “stuck” on the time line and cannot be moved out of the bounds of the time line.
My workaround to “unstick” the cursor is to switch to another window on the desktop, then back to CbB, then position the cursor on one of the audio tracks and press the mouse button to clear the “Jog” cursor.
Thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time to try this,

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