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2016/07/20 08:24:48 (permalink)


One thing that no DAW does as a feature is offer a way to stream the output directly to something like OBS or XSplit for LiveStreaming.
With both SONAR Platinum, and XSPLIT, both currently available through Steam now, I think SONAR has a unique opportunity to be the first "Livestream Friendly" DAW.
Currently for a DAW to livestream, you need to take an approach that leaves you making distinct sacrifices
1) taking output from an interface to go to a mixer, so that the mix and your mic can be mixed into channels 1 and 2 of your Audio Interface allows OBS/XSPLIT to grab onto that <BUT> you lose access to the nice preamps that are only on channels 1 and 2 on something like my Focusrite Saffire Pro40 + you need to buy an additional mixer to make it work.
2) taking software like "O Deus ASIO Link Pro", "Virtual Audio Cable", or "Voxengo Recorder" to try to assist adds cost and latency, and mileage does vary by all reports on the internet with regards to if they work reliably or at all.
3) using your main PC to record with the DAW and then taking a capture card and/or video mixer like the Roland VR-50HD so to utilize a second PC as the streaming PC would work without local PC latency issues, 3rd party ASIO issues, and does not steal the pre-amps in channel 1 and 2 away from you <BUT> it also costs about $10,000 all told to create that configuration.
I think it would be an amazing feature to have a clone of the Master bus that could be fed directly into XSPLIT or OBS, where those software titles would see the output from SONAR as an available audio device.

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    Re: LIVESTREAM INTEGRATION 2016/07/21 06:44:40 (permalink)
    Not sure what your end intent with "livestreaming" is here.  I'm guessing it's primarily to get a live screencast up on Youtube or Twitch, etc.. 

    There are other solutions especially for more private streaming needs such as client review and mobile device access.  The first that comes to mind is:
    Notice each version caters to a slightly different streaming "need".  Even for those creating tutorial videos for the youtube generation and trying to keep it "affordable", there are solutions that can add expense in some form or another (as you've already mentioned in the original post).
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