Leave our post alone!

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2006/08/31 20:28:22 (permalink)

Leave our post alone!

Now I know I'm a keystroke away from being thrown out/banned from this forum but hey I survived the war in my country and can definitely live without coming in here. Why are post removed or deleted? I had a post and thousands of hits were recorded including over a hundred responds. Now I understand if a post contains voilent language, threats, profanities and other gross languages/topics then they can be moved or deleted. As long as a post is not bothering anyone and nobody is complaining then just leave it alone.

I know there are people in here who will tell me to go to hell and I'm talking crazy but I'm a cakewalk customer and I have the right to my opinion towards what I think is very rude to just move someone's post.
The reason people/I post things not relevant to Sonar in the Sonar forum is because thats were alot of people are concentrated not because we/I am stupid.

Just so you know no company is above it's customer and I'll tell you while you contemplate on sending me a warning or deleting my profile/banning me. Without this forum Sonar will be nothing! Since I started coming to this forum, I don't even bother to call tech support. So give me some space. I'm not insulting anyone. Even in the War room at the Pentagon people go off topic.

The people is this forum is what makes Sonar what it is. Don't underestimate anyone!

Thanks, Guyunique!

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    Tom Roussell [Cakewalk]
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    RE: Leave our post alone! 2006/08/31 21:10:31 (permalink)
    Your post was moved to the Off Topic area because it was off topic and had started to degenerate with personal attacks against users. Read this FAQ for more information on the Off Topic area.

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    RE: Leave our post alone! 2006/08/31 21:25:57 (permalink)
    ORIGINAL: Tom Roussell [Cakewalk]

    ...had started to degenerate with personal attacks against users.

    Who decides this? One person or a comittee? I observed many people attack (now banned) member Rick McNab over on the Project 5 forum for his comments and criticisms of other members, yet only he was banned. Another member, pfunque, made repeated lewd statements back at McNab, yet he seems to be regarded as a god on that forum. What gives? Seems like a lot of hypocrisy around here. Lucky thing the software is so damn (woops) good!
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