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Lifetime Updates and SONAR OS X Alpha

Lifetime Updates FAQ

What’s included in lifetime updates?
Any core features, enhancements, and fixes that we introduce for future versions of SONAR.
When you purchase SONAR Platinum (with Lifetime Updates), you’ll receive core updates to all future versions of that product. I.e. Unlike the annual membership plan where updates cease after a year, you will continue to receive fixes and core updates for future versions of SONAR. We have long term goals for developing and improving SONAR so rest assured that this offer is a great value over the classic annual update model. 
Will we still be getting regular updates?
Yes! We love our new Rolling Updates model. We are more committed to SONAR’s development than ever, and plan to deliver updates at the same frequency. And of course, you’ll be able to update and rollback the software at your pace through Command Center. Many users have told us that it is easier for them to keep up with new features now compared to the classic model when we released a version with a huge number of features. Monthly updates are one reason why new users choose SONAR. There may be more of a shift in emphasis to enhancements and stability for at least the immediate future, but we’re committed to continually improving SONAR. It’s what we do.
Will the content be different in Lifetime Updates?
The content you receive in an update will be the same whether you're signed up for Lifetime Updates or an annual/monthly SONAR Rolling Updates membership.
Lifetime updates applies only to “core” features, not add-ons. Can you define “core” and “add-ons” more specifically?
Core updates include fixes and enhancements to all existing features of the product. In addition to these, at Cakewalk’s discretion core updates may also include brand new features in the future. The rolling updates roadmap shows the features we plan to add in the future.
From time to time Cakewalk may develop other products or in-app features that may be considered add ons. These features will typically be available to SONAR users at a discounted prices. Much of this already has a precedent. For example, the CA-2A compressor, Rapture Pro, and Concrete Limiter were add-ons that aren’t included in the membership program. However what is “core” can change over time; Dimension Pro used to be optional-at-extra-cost but eventually became part of the core program. Then again something made by a third party for which we pay licensing fees (like Melodyne) is clearly an add-on, while elements like the browser, track view, video, console, matrix view, automation, etc. are all part of SONAR itself. In any event we tend to err on the side of generosity; the new LP MB and LP EQ plug-ins could have been presented as options, but we included them with the core program because we felt they were an important addition to SONAR that pretty much everyone would want. The big advantage to separating out “add-ons” as optional purchases is no one ever has to pay for something they won’t use, or already own.
Does that mean I get everything that Cakewalk releases?
No, because we’ll still be developing new products including new instruments, effects, add-ons, and content. These (and third-party products) will be available for purchase separately. Lifetime Updates apply only to SONAR Platinum.
Does this apply to all versions of SONAR Platinum?
Yes! Any purchase of SONAR Platinum including new versions, academic and upgrades will get free lifetime updates during the time period of June 1st - August 31st, 2016. These include purchases from the Cakewalk Shop or dealers.

Are Lifetime Updates available only for SONAR Platinum?
Yes, currently, Lifetime Updates are only available if you buy, upgrade, or crossgrade to SONAR Platinum. Be sure that when you’re adding SONAR Platinum to your cart, you choose the product called “SONAR Platinum (with Lifetime Updates).”
Can I purchase lifetime updates from a retailer?
Yes! Any new purchase of SONAR Platinum from a retailer during the time period of June 1st - August 31st, 2016 will qualify for lifetime updates. If you are upgrading, be sure that you’re adding SONAR Platinum to your cart with the option of Lifetime Updates. Please make sure you redeem your code before the offer expires.
I already own SONAR. Shouldn’t I get this for free?
Unfortunately, lifetime updates do have a cost. We’re committed to developing and supporting SONAR, which requires engineers. We’ve kept the price very reasonable so you can continue enjoying all the new SONAR developments.
Can I still buy a membership version or renewal while lifetime updates are being offered?
We'll only be selling lifetime updates for SONAR Platinum during this period. It's a better value and will reduce confusion over which version to buy. We want customers to have the best experience. You can still purchase renewals and membership for SONAR Professional or SONAR Artist. Visit our pricing page for more information
This seems too good to be true, is this for real?
Yes. We greatly appreciate your commitment to Cakewalk, and are equally committed to your satisfaction.
What happens if the product name SONAR Platinum were to change to something like SONAR Mercury, would lifetime updates still apply? 
If you purchased lifetime updates for SONAR Platinum, you will get lifetime updates for SONAR Platinum. If we change the name of SONAR Platinum, you will get lifetime updates to the newly named version. It's as simple as that.
I just renewed a SONAR Platinum annual membership this year. Do I still have to pay the full $199?
No, your price will be $199 minus the amount you paid when you purchased your annual renewal. Click here to see your price. (this discount only applies to annual membership payments not monthly payments) 
I am on the "pay monthly" membership plan. How do I upgrade to SONAR Platinum lifetime membership?
Simply purchase the lifetime membership and then cancel your monthly membership after your lifetime membership is active.
It is important that you cancel your monthly membership to avoid being billed for the next month.


Why did Cakewalk choose to announce a Mac version after so many years of being a Windows only DAW?The Mac market is huge and we felt we needed to finally explore it in order to reach a new customer base. We’ve had so many requests over the years, from music creators on the Mac who’ve wanted to use SONAR. We’re excited to finally open up SONAR to this brand new audience. 
So how soon will SONAR be able to do everything on the Mac that it does on Windows?
SONAR itself already does, but elements external to SONAR are a different story. For example, the Alpha version can’t run AU plug-ins, or talk to custom interface drivers (only Core Audio devices will work). There are also potential issues with video handling, as the two platforms handle video differently. Keep in mind this is an Alpha, so we are in the early stages.
I own SONAR Platinum, Professional, or Artist today. If and when SONAR becomes commercially available on OS X, will I need to purchase a new license?
No. You will be provided a new installer for your license of SONAR Artist, Professional, or Platinum. You do not need to purchase a new license.
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