Looking for a specific sound

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2017/07/12 20:00:32 (permalink)

Looking for a specific sound

Hi, I'm looking for a similar sound to this "spanking" sound in Sunspots by NIN which starts at 00.56 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWmoco8XqPA. Not sure where to look for this or if I should even dare, but I need a kind of whip/spank sound for my drumbeat on the snare as it ties in with the theme of the song (I didn't write the lyrics). Does anyone know of any drum plugins that have this sound or even techniques to get something similar?

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    Re: Looking for a specific sound 2017/07/13 12:54:50 (permalink)
    I'm not sure but it sounds like a combination of gated snare/white noise and compressed together with a touch reverb or along the lines of that.  Something like a LA-2A or 1176 should give you the volume and colour/harmonic distortion. These are just ideas...I experiment with sound a lot so do have unconventional methods. The last track I did have a pre-recorded drum track.
    Using Waves f6 dynamic equaliser I found the snare sound I was wanting to increase the perceived volume of. Then I used the threshold trigger to boost the part for the duration of the snare hit using Auto release and a quick attack. Again these are my musings and don't take anything I say as gospel.

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