M-16DX - is it worth it?

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2016/06/24 14:17:18 (permalink)

M-16DX - is it worth it?

I've been offered an Edirol M-16DX mixer/interface in trade for my DSLR which I had up for sale for $500.
Can anyone tell me if this is still a great product to use with Sonar? It's already ten years old.
I currently use the Steinberg UR44 interface (6x4) interface, which has no mixing console of course.
I can see myself needed to record multiple tracks live, although RARELY. I like the idea of having a hardware interface into the DAW, but I'm not even sure if it's controls (fader, pan, etc.) function inside Sonar.
Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


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    Re: M-16DX - is it worth it? 2016/06/24 15:21:04 (permalink)
    I can not say about quality, but I was thinking about it when it was on sale 2-3 years ago (new) for €350.
    From the documentation:
    * it has relatively fancy routing for a "digital mixer", for example you can record only "Post EQ".
    * since it has normal knobs only, its capabilities as a DAW controller are at the level on Korg NanoKontrol, probably even less since it has no separate transport section and I do not see LEDs for Mute/Solo on pictures.
    And so I have decided that in case I want something in that direction, that should be Zoom R24... But after reading about its overall quality, I am still waiting (till they upgrade R using UAC technology)
    All written is just my opinion, and I am a noob

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