Midi Keyboard Chord Library

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2010/12/22 09:31:04 (permalink)

Midi Keyboard Chord Library

I'm looking for a library of Midi files of chords.  I've found a couple with chord progressions, but what I'd like is individual chords with variations and inversions for keyboard, so that you could just dump a given chord into a midi sequence.  I'm a guitar player with limited keyboard skills so a library like this would be really useful for me.  Any ideas?

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    Re:Midi Keyboard Chord Library 2010/12/22 09:42:08 (permalink)
    If you just want to input single chords it won't take long, especially if you play guitar already, to do that with your keyboard.

    I'd never played a tonal instrument in my life but armed with a few charts (Mike_McCue has some great stuff available in his sig!) I was able to do what you are asking in no time.  Not only that it is much quicker than cutting and pasting little bits of midi and you will pick up some keyboarding skill in no time.

    You don't need to be a maestro to get stuff down, a little bit (and trust me I really do mean a little in my case... ) of skill goes a long way, I normally just do a few bars at a time and I have the flexibility to make adjustments on the fly, if I'd have just stuck to laying out pre-made chord shapes I'd have been holding myself back greatly.

    Just my take on it, having once been in the situation you are currently in.
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    Re:Midi Keyboard Chord Library 2010/12/22 10:31:36 (permalink)

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    Re:Midi Keyboard Chord Library 2010/12/22 11:26:39 (permalink)
    BIAB is great for adding MIDI accompaniment (and real tracks) for instruments you don't play just by entering the chord name.

    57gregy has made some chords like you're describing, but I don't know if he has inversions or not.


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    Re:Midi Keyboard Chord Library 2010/12/22 15:21:33 (permalink)
    Yeah - BIAB isn't really what I'm looking for.  Single chords, that could be arranged in folders and drag and dropped in.  I know I can key this myself but a library would be so much more convenient and a nice tool for arranging.
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    Re:Midi Keyboard Chord Library 2011/01/18 16:33:47 (permalink)
    I'm afraid I'm missing out on something. What would one do with a chord library? How would it be used? I play a little-very little-keyboard and I input all keyboard parts as MIDI; if it's a very difficult passage I will even step enter it. This allows me to fix mistakes etc. But I'm interested to know how one would use a chord library.


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