"Misled" - (Rock)

Bob Oister
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2018/11/29 09:29:36 (permalink)

"Misled" - (Rock)

Hi, Guys,
I just uploaded a Test Mix for a new song called "Misled" that I threw together really quickly after putting a new set of strings on one of my guitars and noodling around breaking them in.
It was just a spur of the moment quickie recording and a fast rough mix done in about an hour and a half.  If you can spare 3 minutes to check it out, as always, any and all helpful comments, suggestions, constructive criticism, input and ideas are very welcome, and also greatly appreciated!

Big thanks in advance for any observations, suggestions, comments and ideas! 
"Misled" on SoundClick at: https://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=13812457


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    Re: "Misled" - (Rock) 2018/11/29 16:34:56 (permalink)
    Hi Bob - the main guitar lick is a good hook for the song - so it drew me in.  I enjoyed the listen overall.  It sounds like a solid metal mix to me.
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    Re: "Misled" - (Rock) 2018/11/29 18:11:00 (permalink)
    Hi Bob, you have been busy sounds good here, nice clear mix, plenty of separation, classic Bob tones, what more could a furry alien ask for.  

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    Re: "Misled" - (Rock) 2018/11/29 18:35:24 (permalink)
    Bob you Rocker i like your fat guitar sound, the main riff is cool. For a fast rough mix it sounds awesome. I would spend one week and a half for that mix

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    Re: "Misled" - (Rock) 2018/11/29 23:22:51 (permalink)
    I thought the song itself was really good. The guitars, vox, and bass were just great. The drums were good, but I'd like to hear what a guy like Rod Morgenstein could do with it. A great drummer would kick this into another dimension. Good work bro.
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    Re: "Misled" - (Rock) 2018/11/30 02:32:23 (permalink)
    Bob, Well, pretty good for a test mix. Great vocal. There's a local radio station that plays a lot of hard rock and what I hear from you sounds like what I hear on that station.

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    Bob Oister
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    Re: "Misled" - (Rock) 2018/11/30 23:32:05 (permalink)
    Hey, Doug, How are you, buddy?  Hope you're doing great! 
    Thank you very much for giving this a listen and for your input and observations, it's what really makes this forum such a great place!
    Yes, Sir, I was just stretching out the new strings to break them in, and BOOM!, that little opening riff struck me, things started flowing quickly, and an hour and a half later, this was as it is!  You never know what might spark an inspiration. 
    Anyway, thanks again for checking it out and commenting, greatly appreciated! 
    Have a great weekend, Doug!
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    Re: "Misled" - (Rock) 2018/12/01 02:36:00 (permalink)
    Really enjoyed this one.  You have a very unique and enthralling voice for rock.  Good luck with it!

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    Re: "Misled" - (Rock) 2018/12/01 11:14:52 (permalink)
    Good one Bob, classic Oisteriff! Are the drums a little light on this one? I might beef 'em up a bit. Good solid track for a quickie though, really well put together.


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    Re: "Misled" - (Rock) 2018/12/01 13:27:54 (permalink)
    Cool riff and I see where the mix is going. Vocals professionally delivered. Killer guitar all the way through. She's a keeper. I'd get the drums going a bit louder as well, but as you said, rough mix on a great riff. Have fun kicking a$$!

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    Re: "Misled" - (Rock) 2018/12/02 18:45:20 (permalink)
    Sounds great to me + woke up all the sleepy neighbours on a wet Sunday evening in Birmingham, UK.
    Great guitar riff + song lyrics.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Good Job!
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    Re: "Misled" - (Rock) 2018/12/03 15:11:20 (permalink)
    I double Bob!
    I'd love to hear this track with a different drum pattern - something fast and complex. There must be a metal drummer who could do this justice.
    The guitaring is ace, love the vocals when they get full on going. :)

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    Bob Oister
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    Re: "Misled" - (Rock) 2018/12/04 09:05:49 (permalink)
    Hey, there, Wook!  How are you, brother?  Hope you're doing well!
    Thanks so much for giving this a listen and for your always good input and observations!
    I've been trying to carve out a little more time to get back into the studio to try to work on stuff and get my mixing ears back.  Hopefully, after the holidays I'll be able to get back to focusing on music again and be able to spend more time back here on the forum!
    Thanks again, John, greatly appreciate your support and friendship!
    Have a great week!
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    Re: "Misled" - (Rock) 2018/12/04 14:50:32 (permalink)
    love the lick Bob - definitely on it's way. Mix-wise, sounds like it's pretty close
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    Re: "Misled" - (Rock) 2018/12/05 11:22:25 (permalink)
    Nice driving rock tune.  I like your style despite the fact that hard rock/metal is not one of my favorite genres.  But I still like your sound, particularly your vocal harmony work.
    John B.

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    Re: "Misled" - (Rock) 2018/12/06 19:48:44 (permalink)
    Hi Bob.  You hit another home run with this number.  I agree with the kudos in the comments above.  Great vocals, guitar work, mix and lyrics.  Keep them coming my friend!!!
    Bob Oister
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    Re: "Misled" - (Rock) 2018/12/07 09:16:59 (permalink)
    Hey, Harry,
    Thank you, brother, I greatly appreciate you checking this one out for me, and also your input and very kind words of encouragement!
    The playing, mixing and production on your videos is always dynamite, so I'm very grateful for your comments!
    Have a Rockin' weekend, my friend!
    Bob Oister
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    Re: "Misled" - (Rock) 2018/12/08 09:13:17 (permalink)
    Hi, Bill,
    Thanks for checking this out for me, and for your good input and kind words, greatly appreciated!
    Yes, Sir, being mainly a guitarist, the drums are always the hardest thing for me to play, record and mix, and I'm always experimenting trying to get what I'm hearing in my head.  I usually end up either attempting parts that I really can't play well enough, or making everything too basic for the song structure, and over the years the guys here on the forum have helped me realize that in my case, less is more.  So, I just try to play what I'm hearing in my head, basic kick, snare and hats as steady as I can first, then come back and punch in to fix mistakes, then I add the fills and cymbals later and hope for the best.  LOL,  Luckily for me, the guys here on the forum usually point me toward the things in my drum tracks that really stick out like a sore thumb, and I try to touch things up from there!  So, for this one, I'm hoping to try to beef up the drums a little bit over the weekend.
    It's funny you mentioned Rod.  I actually had a few drinks with him, Paul Taylor, Fred Coury and two guys from the BulletBoys way back in 1989 in Binghamton, NY after an arena concert.  Killer drummer, if I could play like him I'd probably be a drummer instead of a guitar player trying to play drums!  I always really liked Winger and I've seen them five or six times over the years.
    By the way, your recent "St. James Infirmary Blues" cover was outstanding, really good stuff, Bill!
    Anyway, thanks again for giving this a listen and commenting, that's what makes this forum such a great place to keep learning this stuff and trying to improve.
    Have a great weekend!
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    Re: "Misled" - (Rock) 2018/12/08 11:34:35 (permalink)
    Soundstage is nice and wide with good separation between the instruments. Guitar playing is top notch and the vocals are well recorded and sit well within the mix. My only critique is the drums, for a rock track they are touch tame for my taste. Other than that I enjoyed this and all I can say is - nice one and keep rocking.

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    Bob Oister
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    Re: "Misled" - (Rock) 2018/12/08 23:53:55 (permalink)
    Hey, Bjorn,
    Thank you very much, I really appreciate you giving this a listen and your kind words of encouragement! 
    I'm very happy about your comment about your local radio station because that's sort of what I've been shooting for since 2010.  I've been trying to combine Classic Hard Rock and 80's Hair Metal styles with the new Modern Rock/Alternative Metal that's being played a lot these days, but keeping the more melodic vocals and harmonies from the older stuff.  So, it's good to hear that it sounds similar to what's on your local station! 
    Thanks again for your input and comments, truly appreciated!
    Have a great night!
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