Mixing with pink noise

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2018/05/07 14:47:45 (permalink)

Mixing with pink noise

 Has anybody tried mixing with pink noise? After watching some videos about it,it could save a lot of time and headaches.I'm going to try it.

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    Re: Mixing with pink noise 2018/05/17 08:31:02 (permalink)
    You might want to find 'Joe Gilder's' youtube video on mixing with pink noise before you dive in boots and all. He shows it to be straight up inaccurate. Some people swear by it. I could never mix like that, and personally I think it's a bit strange. 
    Jeff Evans
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    Re: Mixing with pink noise 2018/05/17 19:17:19 (permalink)
    It is a tool designed to help you balance a number of sources.  It may also help in getting ref levels better and more accurate with a full mix.  The problem is it brings extra noise and sound into your music which is sort of unnecessary.  You can balance things nicely without pink noise as well.  It is called listening, and use your ears!  Make the necessary changes. With care you can also arrive at the perfect rms ref level for your mix at the same time. 
    The noise is relentless and is also effecting your ears constantly over time.  You may be better off listening to the music without the noise present. 

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    Re: Mixing with pink noise 2018/05/19 01:33:42 (permalink)
    I've tried it and it worked ok. Better than what Joe Gilder's video showed, but I found in the end it didn't work perfectly and it took too much time. I found it was easier to just use a reference track and adjust the balance that way. At first just use my ears and then go over it a 2nd time A/Bing with a reference at the same volume. Then after that is done start mixing.

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    Re: Mixing with pink noise 2018/05/27 04:16:20 (permalink)
    I've tried it as well.  It's get you pretty close to the correct levels but when you then start panning you have to re-adjust your levels again, bit it's not bad and keeps you in the ball park.

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