Most-used MIDI parameters?

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2017/03/10 16:02:42 (permalink)

Most-used MIDI parameters?

Hey folks!
I've got a Korg NanoKontrol that sort of sits dormant because I've never been keen on using mixing board-styled devices. Figured I could get some mileage out of this thing by applying a bunch of generic MIDI parameters that can be used with its 16 front-facing sliders/knobs.
Any recommendations? I'll at least be adding modulation (something I don't have on my keyboard) and expression, but I'm not quite sure what else would be good on top of that.
BONUS Question: Is it possible to add per-plugin controls that only apply to the selected plugin and uses its built-in paramters when switching?

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    Re: Most-used MIDI parameters? 2017/03/10 18:09:55 (permalink)
    ACT should do that per plugin mapping for you ... there should also be a generic ACT controller available in Sonar which you could try with your Korg

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