Multiple instances of the Media browser along the lines of what Traction 7 does

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2016/08/22 02:28:35 (permalink)

Multiple instances of the Media browser along the lines of what Traction 7 does

I'm playing around with Traction 7 in my spare time ...
I have to say that I'm shocked at what the media browser can do in that DAW.
For those of you that don't know the program , you can open up multiple instances of the media browser and point it to what ever you want ...samples , loops , plugs , projects ...anything on your HD 's
Last night , I opened up 6 instances of the media browser in T 7 .
A respectable usable range is about 6 to 8 instances of the media browser .
For my experiment I pointed all 6 instances to various locations on my HD's where I have a lot of 3 rd party loops and samples ...
Once I started previewing the loops and samples on all the different instances of each media browser I was shocked ....
Everything played back perfectly synchronized ...the whole time I'm doing this I'm not even using anything like a Matrix view or a Live style clips view ...I'm just using the browsers ...
To get where I'm going with this , picture a browser along the lines of Abelton Live 's with Abelton's functionality   6 times over
for my little experiment ..i used 6 instances of the browser ...there in no limit 
It blew my head man , I was able to arrange a whole section of a song using only the browsers while only previewing the clips in that mode of operation ...
Once I was happy with what I was hearing , I dragged the whole group and they were placed in my projects time line on individual tracks ...
I'm not trying to dramatic here ,  having the ability to sort through hundreds of Gigs of sounds that border on close to over 50.000 loops while doing all this in real time in multiple browsers is something I want to be able to do in SONAR
edit here's theT7  video demonstration of what I'm talking about

all the best ,
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