Need help with older cwp files

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2017/01/06 23:59:42 (permalink)

Need help with older cwp files

Hi everyone and thanks for reading this.
I have a bunch of .cwp files from late 2002 that my wife recorded.  When I try to open these older cwp files in Cakewalk Sonar Platinum, the program tells me the files are either corrupt or incompatible.  Can anyone suggest a tool or product that might help me open or at least extract the MIDI out of these older cwp files? 
Much thanks!

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    Re: Need help with older cwp files 2017/01/07 00:26:30 (permalink)
    There isn't such a thing. But you might try opening the file while holding down the Shift key. It's called safe mode and you will be asked about any plugins in the project. Say No to all and you will be left with the basic audio and MIDI data if it works at all.

    Failing that:

    You could ask if someone with an earlier version of Sonar would try to open the project for you.

    Mike V. (MUDGEL)

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    Re: Need help with older cwp files 2017/01/08 16:42:13 (permalink)
    And just to be sure... these are .cwp and not .cwb files, correct?

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    Re: Need help with older cwp files 2017/01/08 17:40:46 (permalink)
    Yes hopefully these are not CWB ( bundle ) files. There's a chance those will be hooped. But normally CWP files from older versions will open. I've opened files that where started in 2004 in Home Studio no problem, other than the plug ins. 
    One option if these are just real old  is get someone here who has an old XP computer running something like Sonar 6 to see if they will open. There are a few around here still on XP.  

    Johnny V  
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