Helpful ReplyNo Tech support for me Either since 8/14/17

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2017/08/25 14:42:03 (permalink)

No Tech support for me Either since 8/14/17

Submitted a fault report from within Sonar - Waited and no response. Created Support request #355180 on 8/18 referencing the previous fault report and got a Robot Generated acknowledgement with the case number.  Wed 8/23 sent another E-mail asking for response and got nothing.
I have another Digital Music Software company trying to work with me on my problem. I have supplied all the details and crash dump info to them but they need to get with Cakewalk Support to move forward. I have supplied all of this info and the typical info to Cakewalk in my User Profile and E-mails mentioned above.
Please reply to my Cries for Help before I jump off the ledge !
BTW - Sent a copy of this Post to cakewalk support, but I expect it will promptly be ignored.........
Thanks ( I think ? ) 
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Re: No Tech support for me Either since 8/14/17 2017/08/25 15:22:51 (permalink)
You might want to change the title of your post here, and explain a bit about your problem, if it is help with a Cakewalk instrument you are seeking.
None of the other users here are going to be able to get you tech support assistance, but may be able to help resolve your issue.  There are many helpful, knowledgeable, forum members available.

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Re: No Tech support for me Either since 8/14/17 2017/09/08 18:43:00 (permalink)
Just an update to this: 
Support responded to the OP on: Fri, 25 Aug 2017 11:55:00 -04:00
The support rep asked a few questions in follow up, but we haven't seen a reply. OP, please check your junk mail folder in case you didn't see it.
For future reference to anyone reading: The Automatic Fault reporter goes into our automated parsing system, which can see hundreds/thousands of reports a week. Submissions are grouped by fault type and number of occurrences, then added to a parent case. Then the parent cases are triaged in every cycle in regards to severity. 
Unless support or development is otherwise informed, no one is able to manually look at each and every specific case that is submitted.

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Re: No Tech support for me Either since 8/14/17 2017/09/19 06:24:13 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby abacab 2017/09/19 13:34:44
It's a shame threads like this can't be removed. It almost borders on ranting or spam.
No disrespect intended to the OP, but this thread helps no one, and is clearly written like spam.
If I were support and I'd replied to the OP via email - I'd happily remove this thread to keep things cleaner for the rest of us.

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