Noiseless pickups

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Re: Noiseless pickups 2016/02/09 11:26:23 (permalink)
there's no way i'd pay more than $150-$160 for a trio of pickups.
any more than that, i'd say you're getting ripped off.

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Re: Noiseless pickups 2016/02/09 11:41:38 (permalink)
Cactus, I did something similar and went with this Little 59' Strat Bridge.   Stock Fat 50's in the neck and middle.  Bat, I almost pulled the trigger on Bill Lawrence pickups.  
Previous to this pickup, I had tried the SD SSL5 Custom Staggered (Gilmour) and an Antiquity Texas Hot Bridge.  Both were fine single coils, but I was wanting something a little hotter.  

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Re: Noiseless pickups 2016/02/09 14:21:52 (permalink)
>tlw      I do not find any loss of tone with the new Fender noiseless pickups vs. the vintage.  I own a forty year old strat  (purchased new)  and recently a new American strat and the only loss I notice is loss of noise!  But as people are saying it seems like there are variations in design (which I was not aware).  Of course, it might be an "old ears" problem!
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Re: Noiseless pickups 2016/02/10 13:33:48 (permalink)
I know we're talking about budget improvements, but I thought I'd include this for the opposite end of the spectrum.
These Virgil Arlo strat sets are $499! Check out this Allen Hinds video
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Re: Noiseless pickups 2016/02/12 16:53:03 (permalink)
The DiMarzzio Area pickups sound great and are dead quiet. I would put them in my Fenders even if they weren't noiseless. They might be a bit higher than $150 for a set but they are worth it.

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