One MIDI track silent while others OK

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2018/04/01 10:10:35 (permalink)

One MIDI track silent while others OK

Help please.
I have a Cakewalk file with a number of MIDI tracks
When I play some of them I can hear the sound OK
But on one track if I set it as detailed below, although I can see the Console View dynamic level indicator jumping up and down. no sound comes out
The settings are
Output = 2 Cakewalk TTS 1 1
Channel = 2 [no other track uses that channel]
Bank = 128 User Normal
Patch = Piano 1
Track Console View Solo = on and slider to max
(but other tracks work OK)
What am I doing wrong?
John Aldam

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    Re: One MIDI track silent while others OK 2018/04/01 10:21:23 (permalink)
    I had the same problem. In my case the MIDI track was the problem. The velocity of each not was set to 1 (Way too soft). I increased the velocity of each note to 100 and all was good after that. I hope this helps.
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    Re: One MIDI track silent while others OK 2018/04/01 15:06:26 (permalink)
    Do you have more than 1 instance of TTS-1 in the project?
    Are any of the other MIDI tracks using TTS-1?
    Is this on playback or while you play a keyboard/controller through TTS-1? Or both?

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    Re: One MIDI track silent while others OK 2018/04/02 09:38:41 (permalink)
    1) You could try temporarily switching the soft synth to something different, to see if the issue is with the track itself, versus some kind of glitch with that instance of TTS-1.
    2) Perhaps you could insert a new audio track, and set its Input to the output of the TTS-1, to see if it is an issue with the audio track.
    3)  Or, insert a new midi track, then copy/paste all of the Events from the original midi track into the new one.
    4) Take a look at the audio track OUTPUT assignment for the current audio track, to make sure it is set to Master, or some valid bus.
    I don't think I have enough brain left for additional thoughts, at this horrific time of the morning I happened to be up and looking at things (4:37 AM), and it is way too early for any coffee, but maybe something in the above will correct your issue.
    Bob Bone

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